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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Cheung View Post
    By the way, I noticed that when using my GPS, the screen was at a very bright level (too bright for driving at night), even though I changed the screen setting to its dimmest level for default setting. Anyone else noticed this?
    If you go to Preferences when in Sprint NAv there is a backlight setting. It has always on or devise settings. looks like always on is the default.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I just used the Sprint Navigation to get my family to a reunion meeting in Daytona & it worked wonderfully. However, I don't seem to be able to pull addresses from my contacts. That's a major flaw that needs addressing. Also, it doesn't work in landscape mode which is a tad disappointing. Still, this is my first GPS solution & so far its been a good one!
    I actually rader not use landscape. I want to know the street ahead and you get a better voew of that in portiait mode. I found that using htc touch... Land scape made it harder to see the streets coming up
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    i LOVE the GPS telenav app on the pre.. my only question..does it use DATA to retreive the MAPS or are the maps natively preloaded onto the device .. because that can make or break its usage in Canada lets say (Data roaming)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwhitman View Post
    I'm having very mixed results with GPS on my Pre. On clear days, I get an almost instant fix. But I've had two cloudy days where it never did lock on.

    On those days, Sprint Navigation chugs a while, then says "Current Location Not Found". In Google maps, I get a position within the town I'm in, with a huge error circle that suggests no GPS at all, just tower triangulation.

    But then I'll have a series of days where I get a nice tight fix within seconds and navigation works great. Bottom line though is that I can't depend on it, so I'll be bringing my Nuvi on trips.
    I have exactly the same experience. For 3 or 4 years, I used TomTom on my Treo650 with an external GPS receiver and rarely failed to get a GPS signal. Usually very reliable. But on my Pre it appears that the sky must be nearly cloudless for the GPS to work consistently. This morning, a moderately overcast day, I drove for about 2 hours on the highway and the GPS picked up a signal about once every 20 minutes, then lost the signal again after a minute or two. Useless. Not only that, but once the GPS fails, it appears you have to keep tapping the buttons again and again in order to get it to look for the signal again--ridiculously annoying. I tried connecting the Pre to my old external GPS receiver, but without success.

    It got me totally lost once but luckily Google maps was able to locate me from the cell signal and show me where I was, though I had to stop my car to open up Google maps).

    Do people have better experience with a standalone GPS?
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    Sprint GPS Navagation - Missing key feature ...

    When you are almost at your destination. It doesn't display the actual address....? Just the street name, for example E 900 S

    I can't find the final destination address unless I stop the trip on the Pre and go back to my saved address... Or am I missing something?

    Other than that it has worked great. Found me within 5 seconds actually. Accurate directions all that good stuff.
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    Is anyone else having problems with it getting a signal? I don't use it for a few days, go into sprint nav and sit and wait - then nothing. Literally I have to reset the phone in order to get a gps lock. It's very frustrating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by levelbest View Post
    Is anyone else having problems with it getting a signal? I don't use it for a few days, go into sprint nav and sit and wait - then nothing. Literally I have to reset the phone in order to get a gps lock. It's very frustrating.
    I used to have what may be the same problem, but solved it by doing a partial reset. Go to "device info" on your launcher, choose "reset options" near the bottom of the screen, and choose "partial reset". You will lose what's in your memo, and any rearranging of icons on the launcher you have done will be lost, but your USB files (MP3, etc.) and downloaded apps should still be fine. I did this a few days ago after several weeks of frustrating performance, and Sprint Nav has worked like a champ since then!
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