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    I just got my pre, but I also just ordered my invisible shield. As hard as it might be, I was thinking of just putting it up until the shield comes in, because I want to keep it flawless at least until then.

    I bought my GF an iPod Touch for Christmas, and we absolutely babied it and yet we still got tiny scratches all over the chrome back the very first day(thank goodness for Walmart..returned it for a new one and waited for the invisible shield).

    So I was wondering if the Pre is easy to scuff up and if anyone who is babying it has still managed to get scratches on there new pre. Any advice?
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    That's exactly what I noticed with my Iphone 3G. Tiny scratches on the chrome regardless of how careful I was. So far no scratches on my Pre and running it **** naked.
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    @Roddly - Are you kidding? Seriously? You returned an iPod because _YOU_ scratched it up?


    Take responsibility for your actions. Stop costing me MORE money -- every time you do that it causes a company to make LESS money, costing me more money in the long run. Just because it's Walmart - doesn't mean it gives you the right ..

    Don't ever come into any of my businesses - you're not welcome.

    Better yet, go ride a bike down a busy highway at night, in the dark, the wrong way.
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    Seriously. Thats just juvenile and rediculous.
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    I'm using a blackberry case but otherwise mine is naked with no scratches yet.
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    No scratches here. Seriously lame move there guy. No need to go riding a bike down the highway. Just think about who else your actions affect sometime.
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    Nope and I dropped it in the kitchen floor!! I was drunk... ha ha
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    Screen is not near as hard as iphone/ipod. Already have lots of scratches from god knows what...fingernail maybe? Installed screen gaurd today.
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    I babied mines until I received my screen protector. At first I didn't notice any scratches until I started installing the screen protector I was wiping it down and was surprise to find a lot of tiny scratches. The only culprit I can think of is my fingers or finger nail. Forget finger prints, this thing is a scratch magnet.
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    I used the pouch that came with the phone for now until I get my screen and body protector.
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    I use a leather case and if it's going to be in my pocket I put it in the pouch it came with. So far I have no scratches buy I am waiting for my invisible shield to arrive.
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    My first Pre had 2 visible scratches and my wife's has 4. All 6 were acquired on the first day while they bounced around in her purse. They're very annoying and most visible when the screen is ON. "Luckily" my first Pre kept losing power and crashing so I got it replaced today. I'll be keeping that plastic sheet on it until our screen protectors arrive.
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    no scratches here.... and i keep it in the case it came with most of the time but not always.

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