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    I've heard a few people mention that it's possible to use LogMeIn from the Pre's browser if you change the controllable computer's settings to use HTML instead of ActiveX.

    If there's anybody out there who A.) Has a Pre; B.) Uses LogMeIn; and C.) Has a video camera, would you be willing to post a little video on what the remote control experience is like on the Pre's browser? I'd love to see that.

    If somebody only has A and B, I'd also be really interested to hear what you have to say about the whole LogMeIn experience.

    Hopefully LogMeIn will someday come out with a client for the Pre, but until they do, perhaps this method will work well enough for the time being.

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    I've changed the settings to HTML and I just get a blank page when selecting the link that starts the connection to my computer.

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