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    I'm a cross platform kind of guy - I have my Pre working with my Vista, XP, and Leapord machines. Any chance we could get sub forums for users who try to use their phones with a specific OS? It would help people find desktop fixes without having to weed through solutions that don't apply to them.

    Thanks for the site btw - keep it goin! ;-)
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    i use Ubuntu Linux but because the Pre is seen as a removable drive when you plug it in it really doesn't matter what OS you use with it.

    I have not bothered to try to media sync with any Linux programs yet though. I assume since it can appear as an ipod syncing it with Songbird should be no problem.
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    That is true, but sub categories would help us with other issues like:

    1. How do I sync with media management software on the OS of my choice?
    2. Tethering (when or if it happens) will be different on a different OS.
    3. How do I resize pictures to fit as wallpaper using my computer? (We can't expect all users to use GIMP right?)

    Just a thought though.
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    I guess I'd like it, but being the (apparent) small number of Linux users there seem to be on the forum, not sure of the practicality of it.

    I spent days trying to find some Ubuntu media sync info, and finally just had to use some general USB device info.

    FYI, using the Songbird/iPod setup did not work for me. I have been syncing my iPod for months with no problems with Songbird and the iPod plugin, and all seemed OK when I did the same with my Pre, but no music showed up on my Pre. I finally fixed it a couple of days ago, and posted my experience here:
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    I set up a smart playlist in songbird and hooked up my Pre, which was seen as an iPod just fine.

    But when it said it's synced with another library (which it hasn't been) and asked if i wanted to delete everything and sync to my own library, i got cold feet.

    will it just find and delete music, or will it delete everything?

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