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    So the new phone just picked up today - is hot.
    Drains battery fast.
    Hotmail is setup.
    We changed it to GET MAIL - MANUAL, instead of x HOURS.
    Its still hot, and still retrieving mail, just got one about a new email that came in 3 hours after setting it to MANUAL.

    So do i understand that you have to REMOVE Hotmail, you can't just use MANUAL to get around this bug until there is a fix?
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    I removed all email, well I can't get my pop3 account to send through the pre....soooo I gave up on it for now. As for hot mail, it was killing my battery so I changed it to manual. That did absolutely nothing. It still check mail. So unless you have a charger constantly hook up.....delete mail until they fix this. I'm pretty sure it will be very very soon if palm wants to stay alive.
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    keep in mind the phone needs to synq with your email when you first input it. When you load say a gmail account it loads ALL the email, which takes up INSANE amounts of power and heats the phone up. (this is done in the background which is why nobody knows right away) Let it synq for a few hours then it should go back to normal, you can look around here for the thread that talks about it in greater depth.

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