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    This is probably not going to apply to anyone else out there but I figured I would pass the word anyway.

    I use a program on my mac called SecuritySpy. I use it on conjunction with my home alarm system. Anyway, I can monitor my house (cam access) via a computer, iphone, etc etc.

    Tried it on the pre and when I get to the username/pw to login, it keeps coming back to the login screen for some reason. If I disable passwords, the video streams fine (thats a plus). I tried to remotely connect with my router which also asks for a username/password and that works just fine.

    So, not sure why the auth is not passing on to security spy. I just switched from a iPhone to the Pre and it worked fine on the iPhone.

    Just passing the info alone in case anyone else runs into any login issues with other remote programs.

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    Yup. I ran into the same problem with my security cam at my house. I can't get past the login screen either. I don't want to disable passwords, so I guess I'm just screwed.

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