It's Friday night and I'm a little punchy.

The PalmOS Treo Contacts app taught me to search for things with 3 letters, like "jsm" for "John Smith", and I've carried that three-letter habit over to the Pre for Universal searches of apps, contacts, etc. I've had a few search results which caused me to chuckle so I thought I'd share. Anybody have any funny ones?

To get to the App Catalog I search for "app," and don't you know "Apple Computer" always comes up at the top of my Contacts results, lurking under the Catalog like Jaws under a surfboard. Ominous. (I used to work at Apple years ago and they're still in my Contacts. I'm a packrat.)

Every time I type my wife's initials, they're a perfect match for this random guy I work with so they both come up. I'm always afraid I'm going to tap the wrong one and send him an embarrassing text message.

You have to be careful with searches like "dev" (for Device Info) and "eve" (for Evernote) because those letters all map to numbers on the keypad so the top results are partial phone numbers: 419 and 191 respectively. If I hit "enter" without looking, I end up dialing them. I will never download an app or make a friend that starts with "Vee" (sorry, all you Veejays) because I'm afraid I might dial 911.

While we're on the subject, other words and names that the Pre will map to phone numbers if you Universal search 'em:
  • everett (1912133)
  • dexter (417312)
  • fred (5214)
  • cred (8214)
  • red (214)
  • dredge (421461)
  • tree (3211)
  • greed (62114)
  • fever (51912)
  • feet (5113)
  • fret (5213)
  • exert (17123)
  • GERD (6124)

Hey, maybe "Everett" will be the "Jenny, Jenny" of the hip Pre crowd. Sing along! One-nine-one, two-one-three-three-ee-ee-ee...