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    I have a Treo 700wx that I have all my contacts on. Is there a way I can use sprite or something else to move my 200+ contacts over without having to do it all manually. The Treo was with verizon before I switched if that makes any difference. Thanks for any help!
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    Part of your answer is here: Palm - Start here: Move your info to your webOS™ phone

    If you can sync your Treo's contacts with Outlook or Google, then you can get them to the Pre.

    Alternatively you might try taking both phones to a Sprint store and see if they can help you under the terms of their "ReadyNow" program. I wonder if anyone has tried that.
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    Well I got an answer, Sprint tech support says that anyone that has a palm device in their stores they can do a palm to palm sync and pull whatever you want off the older device.
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    I just got my Pre yesterday. The Sprint store where I got it had ReadyNow, but after trying, they said they were unable to move my contacts. It MAY be because my particular Treo is a glitchy piece of junk. But I can't help but think that it may be a compatibility issue between the two operating systems. Has anybody successfully had contacts moved over from a Treo 700wx to a Palm Pre in a Sprint store?
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    Got my contacts moved but l lost the physical addresses that were with them. Only got Name email and phone numbers.
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    the ready now stores should be able to pull your contacts off for you and put them on the pre. in the early release stages (as if we are uot of em now but you get what im trying to say) there was a glitch with the software the used on the machines that swap em (its called a celebrite machine). the celebrite was loosing info and mismatching contacts. the stores that know about the release should have this prob fixed now.

    basically take both phones into a readynow store and ask em to transfer your contacts.
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