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    Just noticed after several calls from customers, that the Pre Isn't showing the state on the caller ID for callers not in your contacts! This is a basic thing that every phone I have ever owned has had. Since I use it for my business, it's handy knowing what state a callers number is from. Hard to believe they omitted this feature! Maybe someone will make an app or they will put something in there with a future webos update...
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    My centro never did that either..
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    I've never seen that either. Sounds like a carrier issue to me as that's where caller id is handled.
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    My former phone, the Instinct, had it.
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    I will give you an example. With my instinct, when I get a call from a caller that isn't in my contacts, it shows the number and the state above it. No one has noticed this? Exceptions are 800 numbers. My centro always showed the state to my recollection. This is just something you don't notice if your calls all come from people in your contacts. And it is a feature built into the phones as it compares the area code to a list and thus shows the state. My centro came with a trial app that took this a step further and showed the city as well. But by default, almost all phones have this feature.
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    sprint treo 755p did do this.. bummer the pre does not
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    My Centro does it without fail!
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    VERY Disappointed that the Pre doesn't have this. Seriously. How hard would that be?

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    The IC902 I used before the Pre did this as well.
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    My 755p and two different centros did it as well as a htc touch I used.
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    700P did. Sprint treo Pro does not :-(
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    My Centro and my previous dumbphones all did this. In fact, I'm pretty sure the landline also does it, so I assume it is info. that Sprint sends to the phone with the phone number. Perhaps Pre didn't implement that info. (city and state or sometimes just state, depending on the area) correctly. It should be able to be fixed with a future software update.

    Although, I did have a cool app for the Centro that whenever somebody called (whether they are in your contacts list or not) it showed you (below name/number) an image of the state (a simple map with the state highlighted light green and the few surrounding states in darker green) and then you could tap to see the state flag and tap again to see the state seal. It also gave you the city/state the number is registered in, even if the person was in your contacts, just above the image of the state. The flag and seal are not necessary, but it would be neat if the Pre implemented a simple image of the state.
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    I had the Samsung A900M before the Pre and also found seeing the state on caller ID very useful. I suppose this is another thing to put on the list of things they'll hopefully patch in.
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    i REALLY REALLY miss this too from my 700p and 755p. come on palm, put this in the 1.05 update!!!!!!!!!
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    Okay before my Pre I actually had a 700p and I swear it did not have this feature. I suppose it's possible I just never noticed it since it wasn't often I got calls from non-contacts, but I certainly did get ones and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed something as cool as this. Oh well, weird.

    Definitely want this for Pre!
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    iPhone 3.0 does this, its helpful with unknown numbers.
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    Wait for them to reopen the homebrews, it's on every phone because it's not that hard to do (I hate to fall in the bw patient camp, but it'll come)
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    Gawd, the rocket fish does make it hard to type sometimes
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    On my WinMo Mogul, when I would input a number on the dialer, when I entered the 10th digit, it would tell me the state of the area code of the number I put in. Pretty cool feature IMO. Did this on my PPC-6700 before as well.
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    Here's the secret Easter egg. The phone actually DOES tell you not only the state but the region as well. They secretly encode it within a three-digit code at the beginning of the phone number.
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