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    Sometimes when I make a call my screen turns off and I can't get it to come on. It happened 3 times today while I was making a call, and twice the person didn't answer so I ended up leaving them a long blank message because I couldn't end it or anything. I tried touching it, opening, the power button, nothing worked. It came back on by itself after about 5 minutes, but I can't have this problem continuing. Is it defective?
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    DO you have a screen protector? Is it loose at all or coming off? I had that problem and it was affecting the proximity sensor...
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    I never took the stock one off as im waiting for a good one to come out... It is peeling and I thought that could be it, but even long after the call is over the screen wont turn on
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    That is it..... I had to remove mine for this exact reason. I just bought a Universal for 6.00 from officemax and cut it to fit till my Invisible Shield gets here...
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    Also next time try to peel the screen protector down, The screen will Immed come on.
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    Yeah I just took it off to try, I think thats it. the protecter once folded when I slid it into the case, so i'll have to endure this until the official protectors come out
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    I had that same problem. My screen would blink on and off while on an incoming call and I couldn't hang up because I couldn't see the disconnect button on the screen. They told me that the most recent update should fix the problem but it didn't. I just got another phone. Go back to the store and ask for another one based on the 30 day return policy.
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    preGirl yours didnt have anything to do with a screen protector?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZwldcats View Post
    DO you have a screen protector? Is it loose at all or coming off? I had that problem and it was affecting the proximity sensor...
    Thank you for the fix. Just picked up my Pre today and it started happening after the screen protector got bent a little at the top. All fixed now! Just need to find a new screen protector.
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    I am having the exact same problem. I also still have the factory screen protector on waiting on my InvisiShield to arrive (which should've been here by now!). The factory one is not as secure as it once was due to pulling it in and out of my pocket. I love this forum! Now if I could just get my battery to make it throught the day.....
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    I have been having the same problem. I will check out without the factory screen protector on. See if that helps. I too am waiting for the InvisiShield. Thank you for pointing out some possible fixes!

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