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    OK. I exchanged my Pre today for a new one. Out of the box it was perfect. I brought it home and played, then of course had to charge it. I used the Touchstone and voila! White spots on the bottom of the screen. The phone was pretty warm, almost hot during the charge cycle. I put a 6" fan in front of it which cooled it off significantly and all but sent the white spots packing.

    If this ONLY a touchstone issue? I have not charged with just the USB cable on the first or this phone. I have always used the Touchstone.

    So, what I'm asking, is anyone else noticing this heat with ONLY the touchstone? The white spots with ONLY the touchstone?

    Thanks guys...(and gals)
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    I have the touchstone. No problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadrap View Post
    I have the touchstone. No problems.
    Have you looked at the screen in either Pandora or The App Catalog immediately after removing the phone from the Touchstone? The bottom is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad...all other screens it's fine.
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    Same here. No problems with my Pre or touchstone.
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    Well. This is my second one and the same screen issues arise. The spots are driving me nuts. But, maybe I'll just have to live with it...
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    Don't think it's a Touchstone issue.
    My Pre got really hot during the inital load of all my data.

    Since the sync finished my Pre hasn't gotten hot at all.

    With a device this small, if it heats up it's going to affect the screen, there's just no way around that I think.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I'm going to set up a small fan by the Touchstone that comes on when I'm charging. That will solve my problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Same here. No problems with my Pre or touchstone.
    But you're wearing sunglasses!
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    My Pre hets warm when is is charging on the Touchstone also. I have had no problems. It's charging right now, so I took it off and pointed my infra-red thermometer at the back of the Pre and it read 125 degrees F. Wow, that is higher than I expected. But, the screen is normal.

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