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    Here's my story:

    I previously had a Razr (biggest POS ever) and was eager to get a new phone. I came back from college to go and shop for one with my father. I had my heart set on the blackberry curve. We get into the store and low and behold. It happened to be around the launch of the instinct. I had never heard of it or looked into it and was very quickly talked into getting one by the sales rep and my father. I asked about IM.Sprint told me they would add it soon (what a lie). I asked if it was really a smartphone. They told me it was and more functions were gonna be added. I ate it up. Soon after getting home. i noticed the browser sucked, the texting lagged, no IM (did they ever add it), glitchy, etc but it looked good and was touch screen. Eventually I heard about the touch pro and had second thoughts. i went and asked about the instinct's future again and got lied too. eventually i was past my 30 days and my upgrade used. Sprint said oh well. I got burned and stuck with a phone i didnt want in the end.

    I'm really happy to see the Pre on sprint but im being cautious. i want to see the promises actually fulfilled. Anyone here have similar experiences with instinct?
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    oh yea and the biggest lie was the promise of all the apps the instinct was gonna
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    I feel you!

    3 years ago, my wife and I bought Treo 700p's from Costco. The draw was,
    that I had a year to be able to bring it back and exchange it no questions

    Two months later, my phone turns out to be a dud about 50% of the time.
    My wife and I could be in the same room and try to get email or the web
    at the same time. She would always connect, and I could only connect about
    25% of the time. The phone dealer at Costco had sold out of his allotments of
    Treos and would not be getting any more. So I was stuck with my crappy Treo
    for two years.

    At the end of my contract, here comes the Instinct. I feel for it hook, line and
    sinker. Got one for my wife and I. "Blazing fast internet"?? Please. Crappy browser.
    VVM that worked every so often. No IM. No app support. It was just a crappy
    phone. The last straw was two weeks ago. I had 100+ photos on my phone of my
    8 month old daughter. My phone didn't really connect too well with my PC, so I
    rarely linked them up. Then, two weeks ago - all my photos/videos are gone. Poof.
    Card wiped completely clean - for no reason. Now, my wife is starting to get pissed
    at the phone. And that is saying something.

    So, now I am eligible on 7/1 for the full discount on a Pre. My wife's phone will cost
    a little more (between 300 and 350 at Best Buy I've heard). Do I go for it? I have
    played with the Pre at Sprint for (combined) about an hour and a half, and like it.
    It HAS to be better than what we are suffering with now.

    I say go for it prefanatic... you should be eligible for the full discount soon, if not
    already. The phone is slick, and apps are coming every day. I have decided to go
    for it as well and hope for the best. Palm's future is riding on this phone. I do not
    see it failing.

    Good luck!
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    Well, I had an Instinct from Day 1 and then the Instinct s30 from Day 1, and honestly my only gripe was no accelerometer, proximity sensor, and no zoom or flash on the camera.. The keyboard was good and the browser was decent and then I put Opera on it and it was great.. They ALWAYS had a GREAT IM client on there, you just had to do the FREE download...
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    My family has four Instincts. We got them on launch day, and I had high hopes for it. IM finally came to it, and the browser had minor improvements, but the failure of the app store (still doesn't have one, and I'm sure it never will) and the lack of customization has made what could have been an amazing phone fall by the wayside.

    The major differences so far between the phones have mostly been positive for the Pre. The only things I miss moving from the Instinct to the Pre is video (yeah, I did use it every now and then), visual voicemail (extremely cool and useful), and most importantly, voice-activated calls (I used this every day and I do miss it).

    Otherwise, the Pre's strengths outweigh the limitations I listed above. With the Touchstone, it's an EPIC phone. Without it, it's still great, but the Touchstone pushes it over into epic territory.

    I've had mine all week, and it's truly been a pleasure and a joy to use. The fact that the app store gets bigger and bigger each day is promising, and more and more programmers and companies are coming up with stuff for it, so it does seem it's not going to be abandoned like the Instinct was. Also, since Palm is putting so much on the Pre's success, their push toward making more and more apps available and in getting as much support for the phone will only work in our (the consumers) favor.

    I say go for it, too. You will NOT be disappointed.

    As an aside, a friend of mine who has an iPhone got to play with my Pre today and he is now jonesing for one. He posted on his Facebook page about how much he loved my phone and wants one, and is getting quite a few of our friends interested in them as well (all of them iPhone users). It's an amazing little device with lots of potential that seems to be getting tapped in all the right ways.
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    Pre is so far ahead of instinct, the distance is too far to be stated.

    Pre's browser is as good as you can get on a smartphone, and its even better than iPhones, through its multiple live webpage management system, thanks to the concept of multitasking.

    Pre does IM wonderfully. Synergy makes IM all your friends much easier than you would imagine.

    Its a modern linux core with powerful hardwares, you are in safe hand.
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    I'm viewing this wonderful site while on my Instinct (thanks to Opera Mini of course).

    But I'm with the OP, my Instinct and I have a love hate relationship. I'll be getting the Pre in a month or two.
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    Wish I could've said more, but Opera Mini only gives you 200 characters per post, and the native browser can't even load the damn site (even tho it gives you unlimited text).

    - yeah, InSTINK Sucks!
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    I had the instinct. It's not a smart phone but it had some good functions like email and GPS. But the Pre blows it out of the water.
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    No comparison, Pre is infinitely better than the Instinct, for all the reasons mentioned above. Instinct has video recorder and visual voice mail, but those are the only things that it does better than the Pre. I traded my instinct in for the Pre and have zero regrets.
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    BTW has anyone compared the screen size of the Pre to the Instinct? I've gotten used to the Instinct's screen size. (which is ok)

    Will I be disappointed with the Pre's screen size?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
    I'm viewing this wonderful site while on my Instinct (thanks to Opera Mini of course).

    But I'm with the OP, my Instinct and I have a love hate relationship. I'll be getting the Pre in a month or two.
    That's what I'm talking about!!!!

    If you like the Instinct, you'll LOVE the Pre..

    Go to on Opera and do the speed test...

    BTW, the Istincts browser is faster on that site than the LG Dare, IPHONE 3G, and the BB STORMs non opera browser....
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    Andro the instincts screen is a little bit taller but also a little thinner.. You will love the Pre's screen in comparison.. The web browser is also a lot better on the Pre.. Take note you turn the pre on its side and the screen turns as well ( I forget what thats called)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
    BTW has anyone compared the screen size of the Pre to the Instinct? I've gotten used to the Instinct's screen size. (which is ok)

    Will I be disappointed with the Pre's screen size?
    Coming from the Instinct, I can say that I am not disappointed at all. The Pre is better in every way and the screen size is not an issue. It is not even close. It is not in the same league. The promises Sprint made of the Instinct were huge and it never delivered, but in one week the Pre has far exceeded my expectations.

    I hope that helps!

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    I had the Instinct for 11 months and I was fine with it...sure I was disappointed but I stayed with it and sold it for $200 after 11 months!! It didn't have a scratch on it and looked brand new. So no ill feelings.
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    Great feedback guys!

    I've watched tons of youtube vids, and read many more reviews for several months prior to the Pre's release. So I have no doubt I'll be happy with the device. I can't wait!
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    I came from the Instinct, and I am glad I did, but you won't hear me bad-mouthing the Instinct. It has several things the Pre doesn't have. I miss VVM and Voice dialing, but a big one for me is an animated radar. The Pre doesn't have one, and it's browser can't get one to animate either. The Instinct has the My Cast app, as well as the ability to go to the My Cast website and use their free one, which you can get to animate as well on the Instinct. I am at a loss as to understand how the Instinct's browser can run an animated radar and the Pre's cannot.

    Now I love my Pre, but the Instinct is a good phone for many people.
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    Visual Voicemail is the one thing the instinct has over the pre, but I absolutely hated how it was automatically on speaker.. Like seriously I dont want everyone hearing my messages....
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    I will miss the visual voice mail although i sort of expect the pre to get one but the phone just doesnt live up to the hype. They tried to market it as an iphone competitor/smartphone and i was lied to until i was past my 30 days. Just not a pleasent experience. As for IM it might have it now but i spent the first months with other people on forums searching through every program and trying to find old versions that would at least boot up on the instinct. even with opera. thankfully sprint listened and gave us an update that allowed us to type on opera. originally you couldnt. the main thing that kept me with the phone was the large screen, GPS, and a few things but a smart phone it is not. it never got the app store i was promised or the custimizability. end rant lol. still kind of bummed i got burnt.
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    so im hearing the new m6 update is screwing up a lot of people's instincts and apps. sigh. im afraid to update my phone.

    cant wait till july when i get my pre
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