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    I played with the instinct for about 10 minutes at he Sprint store. The only thing that kept me from throwing it across the room before I left was the fact it was tethered to the display. Kept my Treo. My major undoing was jumping on the HTC Touch when it first hit the shelves. If I had waited a month and sat on the forums and bloggs the way I have with the Pre I'd have never bought it. You could see the ugliness hit the screen after people had the HTC Touch after a short time. Back to my Treo AGAIN!

    God bless you guys/gals for running out there and jumping on the pre. From the tone of the forums I'd say this little phone is going to fly. I'll keep reading and waiting for now.

    If the high estimate of returns is true and the factory starts the referbs heading out the door, my guess is in 6 months I'll be able to buy one of this on eBay for a $100.00 rebuilt and no Sprint contract. I can wait. My Treo is still running great!

    Good luck.
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    Well until the Pre can USB tether like my Instinct can I'm afraid I will be keeping the Instinct.
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    My instinct got worse and worse as the days passed and it got to the point where I wanted to throw it at a wall everytime I used it. I'm so glad I've sold that piece of crap. Take the leap, anything is better than the instinct. The pre may have a few issues, but they'll be fixed soon enough. Samsung is a huge company, they didn't need the instinct to be a success. Palm on the other hand desperately needs the pre to be a hit so you better believe they'll supoort it.
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    The Instinct would have been a pretty decent "value" touchscreen phone had Sprint and Samsung not marketed it as a Iphone-killer. I fell for it back in December after I traded in my Samsung M510. It was pretty cool to start off with. I did like the Visual Voicemail and the Navigation. The MP3 player was pretty cool too.

    For some reason, mine started to slow down considerably after about a month of use. The browser really was too slow. I didn't like the lack of wifi, but I put up with it. The lack of additonal apps was not too good either. Sprint seemed to not really care that much about updating the software either.

    I'm very happy with my Pre. I know it doesn't have anything right now, but it definitely seems like there is much more support for new updates and I don't mind waiting a little while for them.
    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

    I tweet a lot about the Pre! @bshedwick
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    I ditched the Instinct as soon as the Pre came out. Instinct was a failure by Sprint and Samsung. The Pre is on a different plane and in my opinion is superior to the iPhone.

    On the plus side, I was able to sell my Instinct for $75 on Craigslist.
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    Yeah, Instinct was marketed incorrectly. A decent entry-level touchscreen phone? Certainly. In the same ballpark as the iPhone? Heck no.

    I actually bought 2 Instincts a few months. Knowing the full details of what they could and could not do from reading the internet forums, getting a GREAT price, Sprint's cheap everything plans, and coming from a featureless clamshell phone that did nothing else, the Instinct was great, and my wife loves hers and is keeping it despite my new-found love of the Pre. But if you got an Instinct thinking it was going to be an iPhone alternative of any kind, you have every right to hate that phone all you want.

    There are a couple of things I do miss though: visual voicemail (I only get about 1 a week anyway, not a big deal to me), the slight tactile feedback when scrolling and clicking on-screen from the vibration motor, a couple of other little things. But I LOVE the Pre.
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    I still have my instinct but I am looking at changing it out for the PRE. I love it and my visual voicemail will be missed. Although my VVM was never on speakerphone automatically. The ear piece was just extremely loud. I believe the PRE will satify my need to upgrade as I wouldn't trade my Instinct for my brother's Iphone anyday. GPS and the music player and sideloaded videos are my friends. and My expandable SD slot....
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    I too fell for the BS sprint gave about the instinct it took home the CTIA award so i thought it would be a great phone. Boy was that a joke, I came from the way more advanced Helio Ocean with the awesom ultimate inbox which was ALWAY connected to my IM thru aim yahoo and msn, the instinct did get up back in Nov. but it wouldnt truely stay on, and i ended up not using im anymore due to it, now that i have my pre i am SO happy to be back to the im game and love my synger and a true smartphone!
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    I just upgraded from the instink. That pos = epic fail. I loved it for about a week until the excitement of touch screen wore off and I was left with a phone that you couldn't customize in the least. The web browser sucked and was slow. Sprint tv was a joke on that thing. I thought I would miss the VVM but so far the reg vm isn't too bad. I can definitely live with it to be rid of that damn instinct. I thought about selling it but I don't think I could live with myself knowing I just suckered someone.

    Hopefully palm doesn't drop the ball, cause I love this phone so far and it hopefully will only get better from here on out. Almost switched to at&t and got the isheep, glad i didn't.
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    Every since Sprint/Samsung lifted the API restrictions on the Instinct, I've been able to truly enjoy this phone. I can now download movies, music, porn, apps, and internet pics all to my SD card.
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    And as I said in an earlier post; Operamini is the best thing about the Instinct. This browser has beaten my friends' Iphone and Blackberry Storm in side by side speed test. I'll get the Pre some day.
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    I had an Instinct before the Pre (and BlackBerry's before the Instinct) and I was extremely dissapointed with the Instict. The apps just never came and they never will. The benefit to the Pre is that it's a much better phone, but with Verizon getting it, apps will flow like rain water in Seattle during the fall.
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    When I got my Pre it was like night & day compared to my instinct. I Seriously felt like my instinct was years old when I started playing with the pre. Plus the UI looks so much better on the Pre.
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    I had the Instinct but switched before my 30 days.

    Pre = Customization
    Instinct = Very small (which I like), decent internet surfing, good radio.

    If you just want preset basic things, the Instinct is fine. Just don't think of it as a smartphone.
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    Hi all,

    First post here...gotta say, I love my Pre and I really love this site. I read posts here for weeks before deciding to make the Pre plunge. Many thanks to all of you here for helping me make an informed, intelligent decision.
    I had an Instinct, which I enjoyed up to a point. Never could get my work e-mail on it, and with the Pre all I had to do was add the account. Two seconds later, I'm reading my e-mail. The Instinct screen is like comparing a 1950s B&W TV to the Pre's hi-res plasma TV. All in all, I'm thrilled I made the switch.
    What I do miss from the Instinct - VVM and Voice Dial. Making phone calls while driving (which I don't like to do, but sometimes it's unavoidable) with VD was so easy. With the Pre, it's harder, and I find it really distracts me from driving, so I don't do it unless absolutely necessary. And I pull into a parking lot to do it when I can.
    If Palm can give us VVM and VD, I will feel the Pre is perfect for me. I'm happy with the apps and honestly can't think of anything I feel I'm missing out on.
    Gave my Instinct to my 16-year-old son, and he loves it!
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    I have had an instinct prior to the pre, it was a pretty decent phone in my opinion. The one thing I loved about it was that I could download attchments with out limits. After that I moved to the blackberry curve which has outstanding email service. But I'm loving the pre and am glad with my decision!
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    I ditched my Extinct last month for the Pre. I'm glad I did. It's not that the Extinct was a bad phone, it was that is was NOT what it was promised to be, nor will it ever IMO. If anything it should be a budget touchscreen phone that you get for free with activation or something along those lines.

    I do miss the VVM and some of the games that kept me occupied at the airport or a long ride to Vegas, but I'll get over it. The Pre is and will be a much better phone than the Extinct will ever be. I look forward to the Pre's bright future it has laid out before it.
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    The Instink was an early, soon to be seen as antiquated device. Again, we were early adopters. They need early adopters so that you can keep the ball rolling uphill. If no one bought an Instinct, Would Palm still choose Sprint to design their phone around? Now the Pre came out, and is more capable (for the money required to build things) than the Instink. So many complaints...why waste the time building something that is all but forgotten?
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    I had the instinct for about 6 months and really liked the phone. It did almost everything i wanted it to do, however, to even begin to compare to the pre is difficult. The pre does everything BETTER. Plus it has capabilities of doing things the instinct will never be able to do. Again, nothing bad to say about instinct but not really a fair comparison. I would take the pre over instinct any day any time.

    I do miss the visual voicemail, onscreen keyboard (especially in landscape mode),and the ability to forward sms, mms, but the positives highly outweigh the negatives of switching.
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    I had an Instinct for a year, from right around the time it came out until 3 weeks ago.

    The pre absolutely destroys it.
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