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    I am a Palm fan boy so far. I openly admit that. But I will agree the hardware just isn't on the same page as the software. It's like the software is a 10 and the hardware is a 5.

    Anyways, could you imagine if the HTC Touch Pro 2 came with the WebOs software and capacitive screen. The touch Pro 2 has a glass screen with an aluminum body. I know it is a little bulky. But HTC has a winner except for the winmo and no 3.5 head phone jack.

    Ok, back to realty. I love the Pre but all the stories on the build quality has given me this little day dream.
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    Aluminum may look better but its inferior when it comes to reception.
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    I had 3 HTC touch's in one year and none worked right.
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    I'm actually liking the Pre hardware quite a lot. Admittedly, I'm coming from 755p, so the sleekness is seducing me somewhat. And, of course, I'm one of the not-unlucky ones who has a good Pre. Size is great, weight is great, keyboard is really growing on me, and despite the plastic, cheap does not come to mind when I'm holding it. I actually think the plastic screen is better than glass--it feels smooth and is probably lighter than glass of the same strength would have been. No, this hardware is just fine.
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    I like the Pre hardware. But I would rank it below the Bold, TP2 or iPhone hardware. All three of those are the latest in a long series of designs. Once Palm is on their 3rd or 4th webOS device I hope they will have gotten the hang of it.
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    My Touch Pro felt like it was about to snap ever time I pushed a button. The keyboard was so stiff that I felt a tremendous sense of relief when I went back to my Mogul after selling the Touch Pro on eBay. In general, my Pre feels like a Mercedes compared to the Yugo that as the Touch Pro.

    I can't imagine buying another HTC device, and I'm very glad that HTC wasn't selected to build the Pre.
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