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    I noticed when the G1 came out. They were pretty quick to start porting over iphone apps to the g1. you guys think they will do the same for the pre? I mean that helped the Android get a very nicely sized app library.
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    Of course. Palm is selling unit quite briskly at the moment. That plus multitasking, plus synergy, plus easy development means that most USEFUL iPhone apps will be ported. The more complex the app, the longer the timeframe. Why would the developer turn down the money (assuming the iPhone app is mature and functional)?

    What I'm looking for is NEW apps or extensions to existing apps that take advantage of the multitasking and synergy functionality that iPhone lacks. That will be really exciting.

    Games? not so much.
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    sure they will, and since palm uses ajax it should be rather easy for most dev's to port em over!
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    It is easier to develop Apps for the pre. Check out this article, by developers.

    Matt Marshall VentureBeat
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    Thanks for the info. I have always wanted a phone with a large selection of quality apps but have been stuck on sprint due to a family plan that saves me money (in college). Im glad to hear that lots of apps. hopefully thousands eventually. will make it to the phone.
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    I hope fart and boobie apps don't make it to WebOS...........

    But that's just me.....
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    Are you crazy? iFart and iBoops are the first really 21st Century ready apps for any platform? They're must have apps!!!

    Related to topic, we need Palm's SDK release ASAP, in order to see app quantity grow exponentially.
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    The webOS app selection will quickly and easily grow larger and better then android or blackberry. I think it is unlikely that it will equal or exceed the sellection of Apple's App store in the life time of the Pre though.

    Apple has done way too good of a job at building an easy profitable ecosystem for developers. Palm has a good chance to build their own but it isn't going to be easy. They need to find a way to make it as painless as possible to port App store apps to webOS.

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