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    POLL: Is your productivity slower now with the Pre? and please state your previous phone.

    For me, yes...coming from a 755P (man I loved that phone!!)
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    no, from Centro

    multitasking really saved me time.
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    nope, I had a treo 700p. I really liked my 700p, but web browser sucked and the email app that was built in was iffy at best. Now I get great web and push gmail. Still missing a ton of apps that I liked on the Treo, but they will come. I just have to be patient. Thats the hardest part.

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    No, from Centro. Mainly because of multi-tasking between apps. I can view information in one app that I need in another. I can even cut & paste.

    I miss my D-pad and haven't gotten synergy working right, but my productivity has improved.
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    I didn't vote, because the answer is 'for some things.'

    Coming from an iPhone, I think it takes me a little longer to do some things - either because the functionality is different, or I can't figure out how to do something, or some other little detail.

    Other times I am much more productive - flipping back and forth seamlessly between email, calendar, and browser, for example, without the need to restart each app every time.
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    The pre helps me waste time on the internet more efficiently.
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    I guess the poll is speaking volume..

    For me, I am CONSTANTLY replying to email, and the lag is bothering.

    Anyone whom is an email-freak noticing slow productivity?
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    Hell, no. I had a WinMo phone and I hated it with every fiber of my being. everything was slow on it (It was a Mogul, and I loved it compared to other WinMo phones, but even HTC can only do so much with windows phones).

    I find that most tasks that I perform are noticably faster. No more clicking and holding down on the stylus to delete messages, no more getting frustrated when trying to pull up a phone number from the global address list in exchange... in fact, on my windows mobile phone, I stopped using the GAL because it was such a pain. My Pre is awesome. I can find anyone in the GAL without any problems. I LOVE it.

    There are a few things that I might like to see smoothed over a little or features added in a couple areas, but I really do like the productivity on the Pre
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    Coming from a curve and I own a couple businesses. The Pre is a better all around phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    I guess the poll is speaking volume..

    For me, I am CONSTANTLY replying to email, and the lag is bothering.

    Anyone whom is an email-freak noticing slow productivity?
    The email does lag on occasion, and I'm not thrilled about that, but it is still faster than my old phone. Lag will be fixed I'm sure, it will just take a couple months to smooth out some areas.
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    Some things are ridiculously more efficient than 755p, heck, more than Outlook, so much so that I find myself doing some things on my phone (next to my computer on touchstone) rather than on my computer. For example, when I get an email notification, hitting the notification to open the email is super fast. 755p took a few extra steps to get the email. Deleting a bunch of emails is pretty fast too. I like the slide to delete.

    There are some things that are slower, but that's more because I'm still forming the right habits. For example, getting to email on 755p from off was super fast. On pre, I have to turn it on, swipe up and carefully select email from the wave. It's an extra step that takes me a little work because I'm not practiced at it. Eventually it will all be faster. Once we get search in email, I'll be really happy.
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    Coming from a 755p, it's been slow going, especially the PIM functions. I'm hoping something like Shortcut5 will be forthcoming, and thinking that Google Calender plus Evernotes might bridge the Treo/Pre gap. 22 days left to decide!
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    coming from a touch pro it has been the same if not faster. Being able to run multiple apps and not needing a reset after a while due to memory leaks has been nice.
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    I do find email to be a bit lagging, but overall it does the full mail rather than versa mail, and it's functions are better, synergy does help to pull everything together when trying to email somebody. overall, Im happy with the email than versamail.

    I do find calendar to be weak, slow, and not as intuitive as old palm calendar. I might go back to classic for it. It might improve tho, will have to wait and see.
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    I voted no, but now that I think about it, I do miss the crazy simple and fast operation (email/sms/etc) of my BB Bold. Oh well, overall the Pre is fine for my productivity needs.
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    My productivity is way down.. All I do is play with the damn phone and check this forum every hr. Hard to get any work done.
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    Was the question is productivity down because the Pre is slow, or down because you're distracted by it?
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    I'd say that my productivity at work has slowed because i'm always searching the forums and looking for new accessories. lol
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    No, coming from BB 8900.
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    No, coming from a BB Storm. Pre is much better.
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