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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    If i was Sprint, i'd be bundling these with the Pre. They'll make it back via the 4.99 a month or unlimited airave plans.
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    So, this is what worked for me. I called and requested customer retention. I explained the issue that I was having with my new Pre. I explained that I am fairly self-sufficient with any phone issues and I typically research solutions online before calling Sprints tech support. I mentioned that I stumbled on a web forum, where its members mentioned a similar problem of poor reception in their home. I told the CS that the solution was this thing called the Airave and that Sprint was sending it to them for free and waiving the monthly. I said, "Surely, being a long time client with Sprint I would have the same deal offered to me". Then I stopped talking. There was like a 5 second pause, the she said, "We would be happy to offer that to you Mr. Brown".

    1st call... Pretty easy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carioca_FL View Post
    Robyn, can you describe the GPS dongle? Is it a separate piece (antenna?) and does it need to have an unobstructed view? All my networking gear (router, cable modem, media server) is in a cabinet by the laundry room and, by design, it's smack in the middle of the house.

    Can anyone describe this GPS piece of the Airave?
    There is an antenna attached to the Airave that is able to pick up the GPS from my location. But there is also a cable bundled with the Airave that acts as an external GPS antenna. It is a very long wire that plugs into the back of the Airave and has a flat plastic square at the other end.
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    Sprint helped big time, free airrave and two years free service
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    I think I'm seeing a trend here amongst people that received a free Airave. I've been with Sprint for 8 years now and haven't been able to get signal anywhere at my new house (both on my old 650 and the new Pre) so I followed the same path many other people here did. Called tech support, told them I appreciate them trying to fix the problem but I'm going to have to leave Sprint due to signal issues, explained the same thing to retentions with no mention of my Pre or the Airwave and they sent one over (should be waiting for me tonight). I think that they are completely justified in seeing a multi year customer as a better investment than a new one that just wants to see what they can get for free. Honestly, I have to say that the knowledge that my phone carrier treats its loyal customers like... loyal customers, really incentivizes continued loyalty. After all, I know if I left and went to another carrier, I'd be just another switching customer.
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    I am a new Sprint customer as of June 6th when I got my Pre. I have had at most 1 bar within my house and called today and was really nice told them I have been reading online that Sprint would provide a airave at no charge only the $7 a month fee. The rep agreed with no work on my part to provide it to me at no charge except the monthly fee. I have a order number and should be here in 2 days.

    In full disclosure, I do work for a major company with corporate discounts so this may be why they were willing to provide this to me and then would not for others.

    I hope this solves my service problems as I really want to keep my Pre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkEye View Post
    I did the exact same thing you did and mine just arrived two hours ago. It's all setup and I get 5 full bars.

    I called the Sprint retention line directly and in ten minutes my free Airave was in the mail. I'm a 5 year Sprint customer.

    Sprint Retentions No Wait Time:

    866-881-9571 does not workl for me. beeps three times then disconnects
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    got my airave the other day...took a while to get it to work but it's up and running. IMHO, If Sprint tells me that I'm in an eligible service area but they are charging $120 / month for two phones (S30 and Pre), I'm not paying an additional dime just because they can't cover me in an area they already advertised as being full covered. PLUS! I live in Kansas City where the Sprint Headquarters is at...if they can't get the coverage area right in KC, then somethings really not right here. Either way, they made it right in my eyes by giving a free airave and credit the service fee each month for life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linh.nguyen View Post
    why's everyone think they are entitled to a free airwave?
    Because the Pre barely works inside when all my other palm cell phones have never dropped calls or gone repeatedly to voice mail. The Pre has known reception issues and reception shouldn't be a perk.
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    I missed my (free :0)) Airrave delivery today :-(. Hopefully today is the last day of dropped calls with my Pre. I dropped calls occasionally w/my 755p, but the Pre seems way more sensitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooster242 View Post
    Just wondering, how does the airwave effect data transfer speeds, same, faster?
    Only voice, no evdo data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bouch48 View Post
    Sprint helped big time, free airrave and two years free service
    Got the same deal, always had been having signal issues in my home office with BB or palms etc
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    Same deal, 2 years is long enough. I will either be on PRE 3 by then or the reception issues should be fixed ( you would think) and I dont need a Airave. But if it really works I may just keep it in 2 years and pay the $5 every month.

    Quote Originally Posted by sjjones View Post
    Got the same deal, always had been having signal issues in my home office with BB or palms etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    If i was Sprint, i'd be bundling these with the Pre. They'll make it back via the 4.99 a month or unlimited airave plans.

    Incidentally, I noticed my wife's old Centro rang when i called her. Her Pre rang too. Must be the Airave.
    Hmmm, do they same the same number ?
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    wow...perhaps i should try this.
    in my house, it constantly at 1 bar.

    i called and she said i can do a PRL update. That will locate the closest tower to me...*2.

    going try it tonite and if not i'll call back.
    signal is def killing my battery life at home.
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    The issue folks is signal.
    The solution is to force the phone to "ROAM ONLY" .

    Only thing is Pre doesn't have ROAM only option ( no hacking).

    If they can open that one, any SPRINT phone happily connected to Verizon network across the country or when you need it.

    Most current data plans have roaming option available.

    So its either SPRINT improves coverage or pays verizon to use their network.

    AIRAVE while improves the signal doesn't address the issue of poor coverage if you leave that 3000 feet radius or 5000 feet
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikejaret View Post
    O and he and the supervisor KEPT reminding me that i could leave if i wanted to....
    You have to remember they are in business to make money. You're an unproven customer, as far as they know you were going to terminate after a new phone came out with another carrier. If you really care that much you should be happy that they will eventually provide you with incentives like that. You sound quite a bit like the iPhone users who think they should get upgrades without paying extra if they aren't up for renewal.

    Running a computer business, I've given customers time and help for free before, but, I only do it when I know that I will continue to make money long-term. Someone that cold calls me isn't going to get special rates for no reason.
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    I am a new sprint customer having switched from att because I wan.ted the pre. At my .home on sprint the pre would alternate between ev.and one bar to 1x and R. I called sprint on my pre from home, but the connection was so poor that we couldn't have much of a conversation other than go to sprint store and get airave. When I went to the store where I bought my pre I was told that I had to go to a corporate sprint store which was a few miles away. Once there, the salesman told me that he would be happy to sell me an airave for $99. I told him about my conversation with sprint eqrlier in the morning. He then called sprint for me put me on the phone and then the sprint csr agreed to have my account credited for the cost of the airave. The airave is now up and running, but sitting less than 100 feet from the %rave my EV icon still goes on and off and the signal fluctuates between 1 and 4 bars. From this thread it sounds like everyone else is getting a solid 4 bars. What has your experience been?
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    Reception is absolutely horrible in my house, so I called Acct Svcs and spoke with a gentleman who offered to send me a free Airave with no monthly fee. He didn't say anthing about a time limit, so I'm hoping a fee doesn't pop up in a few years.

    I have been with Sprint for 11 years and am a Sprint Premier customer. That might explain the "free" Airave.

    Its an easy setup... took less than five minutes. I had four blue lights in about 45 minutes and I did not have to use the GPS antenna because my desk is fairly close to the window (about 5-7 ft). I went from 1 bar to 5 instantly!!! I love it!

    I don't think it does anything to improve data, but I use WiFi when I'm home so I'm not really concerned about that. I have seen an improvement in battery life since I'm not roaming constantly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikejaret View Post
    i called with the same problem, im a new customer and said i would leave cuz the phone doesnt work in my office, he tried to SELL me an airave...i said no i am NOT buying one...u have to give me one to keep me!

    then he proceeded to tell me that NEW customers are not offered it as a retention value!

    I then proceeded to explain to him how contrary to business ethics as the $2500 they are guarenteed to make off of me over the next 2 years is worth more then the $100 they would lose on an airave. NO DICE...and a supe confirmed it!

    Can you believe they are willing to lose me as a customer over a $100 item that they GIVE to all the older customers....i am PISSED!
    My family ported from T-Mobile and Verizon only a month ago and we were offered the Airave for free. I didn't even request it. I would call again and again. I feel it's more of a rep issue than anything else.
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