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    I'm working nightshift this week, so my phone has been plugged in and sitting on my nightstand all day. I just woke up and reached over to check for messages and my finger landed right on the headphone hole and a I received a small electrical shock. So I thought I was imagining it, still being in that "just woke up" stooper, and I put my finger over the hole again and I received a second shock. Nothing major. Slightly stronger than the static shock you'd get if you rubbed your socked feet on carpet and touched something metallic.

    I've been sitting here trying to replicate the problem again for a few minutes but haven't been able too. Maybe it's a static charge from my body from tossing and turning in the bed all day.... Or there could be some kind of short or static charge building up in the phone while charging.... Who knows...

    Anyone else have this issue or am I the first?

    OH... My phone was NOT on the Touchstone. I "hardwire" charge my phone.
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    Yeah, it could've been the static built up on your body from your tossing and turning. Do be careful not to short out your phone. Touch something else metal (part of your bed, part of your nightstand, etc. if they have any metal parts) before touching your phone to release your static. Same with when you pump gas - you have to touch something metal first so your body doesn't create a spark and ignite the gas fumes.

    Adding a humidifier to your room will help, too, if you are sick of getting shocked.

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