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    I looked in prefs and did not see the answer but I may have missed it.
    If you tap on a phone # in contacts or on a website it seems to just auto dial. Is there any way to set it so that it waits for me to press the dial area?
    Or is there a preferred method of doing this to control that?

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    Yeah, wondering the same thing. I was trying to organize my contacts today and I had to END CALL about 6 times. The bad part about that is, unlike my last cell phone...clicking END CALL was plenty good enough to prevent the call from going through. But today, my buddy from work called and said "wtf is going on? You've called me like 6 times in the last half hour. sheesh."

    So, it is a true concern because the call goes through immediately.
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    If you go to your Contact Manager (through launcher) clicking on a contact does NOT auto dial. At least not on my phone.

    However, opening the Phone app, choosing a number from the contacts list auto dials after clicking.

    Soooo..... seems about right if you ask me?

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