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    I know people have talked about the ability to foward a message and that it is a problem that can be fixed with updates. However, I send out group text messages, I need the ability to notify 30-50 people of something quickly and efficiently. Can an update give me that ability? Would an application be able to give me that ability?
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    You can send out that many texts at once. However, the Pre currently doesn't have contact groups or categories. This means that you will need to select each contact individually each time you send out a mass text.
    Hopefully, this will be corrected via an update. Also, Classic will soon be upgraded to version 1.1. When this happens, hopefully, it will be able to run apps that will be able to access both the radio and the modem. If this, indeed, is the case, then the old GroupTextMessaging program for PalmOS should be able to accomplish what you need.

    On a separate note, I have had this same issue. My work around was to use Twitter. It is simple for others to join and they can receieve sms updates from it. This allows you to send out text messages to them. It is actually a great production tool. Until group texting is supported, this is the only option that I can see. However, this does not solve the issue of not being able to send out emails to groups of contacts (such as family, company-wide, department, etc).

    I am surprised that this was over looked by Palm. It would seem to me to be an obvious and basic function of a device that is supposed to take social networking to an entirely new level.
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    How do you send multiple texts at once without retyping the text?
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    In short, don't start the text message from the contacts app.

    In detail:

    1- Start the messaging app

    2- Click on the + in the lower left corner

    3- Type to look up a name

    4- Tap on the phone number

    5- You should be able to type in another name again, and keep adding to the "To" list

    6- When done, tap in the message area and start to write your message.

    At any point, you can tap back on the on the "TO:" list and add more names.

    It looks like you can only add multiple names when you start this way-- if you open an existing conversation, you can't choose to start adding more people to the reply, you need to start a new message and add them all in.
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    Thank you very much, I just got it to send a text to multiple people.
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    I heard there is a 10 person limit

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