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    My friend who I actually told about the Pre just came into work with it. Up until this point I have been the #1 cheerleader for the Pre, but have never held one, or even a dummy unit. I was surprised at how small the screen actually is. When you quantify it as 3.1" versus the iPhones 3.6" it doesn't seem that much smaller. ON PAPER. But in the real world it is quite a difference. The form factor is awesome, and it does look amazing. I will be picking one up soon, because I don't know how long it will be before the one with the 9" screen and keyboard with the mouse comes out.
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    Screen size is all in the eye of the beholder. I'm coming from a Centro so the screen looks huge to me.
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    To tell you the truth I much prefer the smaller screen on the pre to the iphone because it feels much smaller and better in your hand compared to the iphone.
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    iPhone is 3.5".

    I too was worried that the 3.1" Pre screen would look too small but I have been fine with it, especially seeing as though I see just as much as an iPhone user would because they use the same resolution 320x480.
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    Well, glad to hear it is working for you guys, I do really like the form factor as well, and everything is a compromise with the design. I was just a little surprised by the screen size. Very impressed by the look of the thing, it is stunning. I was surprised by that as well.
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    I am moving from iphone too. I like the feel of the Pre in the hand as well, much more natural. I do notice a difference in Real Estate honestly in browswer and in apps like Evernote. But overall, I much prefer the Pre.

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