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    I'm coming in late to the party obviously but I'm just wondering what your wait list experience has been in that what information do you have to provide to get on the wait list and did you have to pay or set a deposit?

    I'm so excited I can't wait... well I guess I'll have to wait but hopefully not for long!
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    Mine wasn't bad, only had to wait 2 days, no deposit or anything.

    They asked for my name, and account#, but I wasn't on sprint at the time, so they took my cellphone number and called me when it was in.
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    Put my name on the list on June 4th for 2 phones; they took my name and numbers; got them on June 9th. And love them!
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    I called my local Sprint store twice the month before it came out and they said they didn't have a waiting list. I asked about one and they said they didn't anticipate the need. I called the day it released and they were sold out; and said that the WAITING LIST filled up quickly. Sure, it bothered me, but since they wouldn't give me the full rebate 30 days early, it's not a huge deal.

    I called Best Buy ("bypass the mail-in rebate" = good) and explained I don't get the full discount until July 1st. "No problem," they said. They'd set one aside for me from their shipment that would come before the 1st and I could pick it up July 1. Today, I get a call to say that IF I give them a $50 deposit, they'd put me on the list go get one on July 8th. I explained that wasn't the original agreement, they basically said they wouldn't honor their original (verbal) agreement, so I told them I'd get it elsewhere.

    I know I could stick with Best Buy and spare myself the mail-in rebate hassle, but it's sorta the principle of the thing. They want $50 on this month's revenue even if it means going back on their original statement. I just don't feel like rewarding that.

    My local Sprint store said that even if they don't have one on the 1st, I should be able to get it by the 3rd since a warehouse is close by. I'll go through them.

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