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    Cause I have yet to use it for anything
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    Yes....I use the center button.
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    No. Swiping up is more intuitive to me.
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    I like to hit the button far more than the swipe up gesture. I use the center button for quick access to the universal search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    I use the center button for quick access to the universal search.
    Good idea.

    I just swipe for the most part.
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    I "use" the center button as a "home row indent" for my swipes up to bring up the launcher...
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    No. I find that the upswipe gesture fits better with workflow on the Pre. I would love to be able to use the center button to answer and hang up calls, though.

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    I wish the center button acted like the g1 in that it allows me to move the curser in the text field, but I use the center button all the time to minimize the cards.
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    I did for the first couple days, but I haven't since Tuesday or so. Once I found the swipe up gesture, I don't really need the button.
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    Yes, I use it for minimizing a window all the time.
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    I use it to wake up my Pre....well I push the center button first then click on the power button.
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    I like how it glows sometimes as my fingers get closer to it. Otherwise, I like the gestures better.
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    I've been waiting for someone to ask this....

    I've never touched mine.... All the more reason it should be used as a notification light....
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    its functional?
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    What a waste of the front of the Pre....D-pad D-pad D-pad D-pad
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    I like using it as a shortcut to start universal search. I need to get used to using universal search as the launcher... much quicker! I used to keep my palm's menu in "list view" and type the first few letters of an app to get to it quickly, but I love how it brings up contacts and the searches too... truly one of the most powerful features of Web OS thus far.
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    I sometimes tap it and swipe up in one motion to close apps sometimes, if I know for sure I don't need it on in the background.
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    Nope. I can't figure out why they would even include it. Maybe if they got rid of the center button they would find room for a micro sd slot.
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    I use it to figure out which way my phone is oriented while in the dark. Without it I'd be pressing the wrong corner wondering why my phone won't turn on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maskott View Post
    I like using it as a shortcut to start universal search.
    Just as easy to swipe up imho.
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