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    I remember reading prior to the launch, one the mail in rebate (MIR) was announced, that the usual strategy was to send the form ASAP.
    However, reading the fine print, it says the phone must be activated for a minimum of 30 days before the rebate can be processed.

    So, who here has sent their rebate form in already? And did you think you would get the rebate 10-14 days from the day you bought it?
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    I just put it in the mailbox this morning. They don't touch the rebates until after 30 days because of the 30-day return policy, but it is best to mail the rebate form in as soon as you can.
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    I sent it in
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    I think i have an evernote to do so...
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    Mine is going in the mail on Monday. I left the receipt at home when I left today.
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    Mine got sent in yesterday. I doubt we will see them till sometime after the 30 day mark though.
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    I sent it in - they'll just hold it in their workflows until I keep the phone for 30 days and then they'll pay 10-14 weeks after that or from the date they receive it (they may account for the 30 days in the 10-14 week estimate). Either way, I don't plan on seeing that money for 3-4 months. Any sooner will be gravy.
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    Send it in ASAP just gets you that much closer in the que. I mailed mine in on the 9th. Figured with 50k-100k sold already better to get in before everyone else.
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    I sent mine today
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    at the sprint store I went to, they told me with the Pre rebate I only had 14 days as opposed to the normal 30.
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    Sent mine out on Monday 6/8
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    Wife will do it after she scans the reciept and all the paperwork. Wouldn't want the "lost in the mail" excuse.
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    Already sent mine. I always send them within a day or two.
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    Mailed mine on June 8th. No e-mail about it yet.
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    Didn't have to wait, business accounts get the rebate as point of sale
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    So there is an extra 30 day wait?...

    That sucks... I am sooooo happy I bought mine at Best Buy... No rebate crap for me...
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    my rebate form said it had to be postmarked by 6/20 (got pre on 6/6) so looks like you only have 14 days to mail it. I mailed mine 6/8
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    I was told that if the ESN does not match the phone number when they receive the mail in rebate that you will be SOL. So if you exchanged your Pre for another or lost it w/o having it active for 30 days then no $100 MIR. Rebates suck
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    you guys are funny, you send it in asap, whatever phone is on the account is what they pay. so if you dont keep the pre and go to some cheapy phone w a 50 mail in, they see its a new phone on the accnt and send the 50 insted of the 100 MIR. as with any phone from sprint, if you transfer the phone to anothe acount befor the 30 days you will most likely not receive the MIR. does happen some times though. basically the sooner you send it it the sooner you will get your money. the average time w a MIR form sent from day one is 6-7 weeks. so by waiting till 30 days later to send it you are going to be closer to the 10-13 week range.

    sooooo send em in now and get your money back asap.
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    Sent on Tuesday.
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