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    I found this extended battery for the Pre. Just wondering if anyone has it and has pics of the back cover or knows if it actually works and if so what kind of battery life are you getting? I can't post links yet, but if you go to and then click on the Pre you will see it. It is made by Amzer and is 2800 mAH.

    EDIT: Just noticed it's not available until 6/27.
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    Seems pretty doubtful that there is a 2800 battery that is the same size. I've never heard of Amzer either.


    just checked the page. the only amzer battery under the pre i saw said 1350mah
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    It's nice in its capacity, however, I believe it will make your pre even larger!

    Edit, @ GrantMeThePower, You need to filter the section so it's just showing batteries.
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    I bought from these guys an extended battery for my 800W.

    The 800W battery was advertised to be 2600 mAh but I got 2400 mAh one.

    However the battery performed as expected ( still is).

    The only issue with these guys is they took close to two months to ship it to me.

    I really hope they start selling it on June 27th.
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    I see they have a solar charger.. Also have them on ebay for around $15. I wonder if the solar chargers really work...
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