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    got a defective device when i first purchased the Pre...the earpiece is not working on the phone. Bought it from an independant retailer, which was a HUGE mistake. They took 1.5 hrs. to activate the phone and lied when they first told me they had more than one, and when i politely asked them to try and activate another one in the back. Low and behold, they didn't HAVE any in the back!! Went back to the store on tuesday to request an exchange. They placed an order (or so they say), and now itz friday and they are saying that the order has not even shipped or been picked in the warehouse!! understanding is that exchanges jump to the top of the list and should take no more than 2 day to recive let alone be shipped out!!

    Called sprint customer service with the so-called replacement order, they say that order was completed on 6/8, which is the day i purchased!! And the order shows as complete! OMG, so now i don't know wth is going on...i have a defective pre, i've joined 2 new waiting lists and whichever calls me first, i will be going to. I'm pretty sure that it will be one of the other stores and not the original retailer i bought it from!

    do NOT go to the VIP Sprint store in Quakertown, PA!! Most incompetant inbred workers I've EVER had to deal with!

    Still LOVE the pre...just hate sprint customer service!!
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    Call retentions and tell them how good at & t is looking.
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    Sounds like you may have the same phone problem I have (earpiece not working). Does yours work when plugging in the headset or on speakerphone?

    Here's my thread (copy and paste, I can't post links yet):

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