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    not even wasting my time on arguing with this one. but you know i was once told if you have nothing to contribute then sit back and shut up. you might want think about that before you waist another post just trying to get your post count up. So thank you very much and have a nice day ok buddy
    Hmmmm.... Isn't that what Gekko always says?
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    I don't know about anyone else, but this post is almost rediculous. Sounds phoney to me.
    Is that because you don't want to believe what you're reading?

    This isn't particularly unusual behavior for a cellular store (or many retail stores in my experience). The OP just needs to remind the store that he's still the one holding all the cards. Posting his experience on a public forum helps warn others not to endure this sort of treatment by half-trained, out-of-their-league, tier-one employees.
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    Look. A couple things.

    It's your own fault. If you allowed them 10 minutes to try and turn down the brightness and 20 more minutes to call their boss, etc then you're letting yourself be a victim of terrible service. Just hand them the phone back and say "If it doesn't work like it should right out of the box then I do not want it. Goodbye." Then truck on over to a corp store and get on the waiting list. Authorized dealer reps are the worst in the world.

    Last, it's just a phone. It makes calls and it can talk to the internet. Does that mean it's so awesome you have to allow terrible customer service to continue and a broken $300 phone to stay in your possession? I sure hope not.

    By the way. Authorized dealers are notorious for reselling already returned products. I would bet that's what happened in your case.
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