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    sorry, posted this in the wrong forum

    When I use an mp3 file as my ringtone, an incoming call plays the first several notes from the file and then stops. Kind of useless as a ringtone if this is the normal execution.

    Anyone else noticing this issue?

    By the way, this is the best phone I have ever had
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    No I am using my own ringtone, 24 theme as a MP3 and no issue with it.
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    I'm using two ringtones I made. No issues with either one.
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    no problems here as well. maybe OP had a problem copying the file? always good to just try again, confirm the file is not corrupted somehow in transfer process.
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    Some of the ringtones I added are missing their title on the Pre. Do I have to edit the Tags? Anyone else have this issue?
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    Since this is related to ringtones, I'll ask this question here. When you turn an MP3 into a ringtone does it just use the whole track or can you pick like a 20-30 clip of the track to set as the ringtone. If I can't do that I will probably keep using phonezoo to at least make my tracks the length and part of a song I want.

    I can not wait until mid-July when I can get my phone.
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    To, the OP - I haven't had any problems getting personal ringtones to playback. It's true that it does use the ID3 tag for the name to display.

    I use Audacity to edit my MP3 files to the 30 seconds that I want to use, then put a high pass filter and crank up the gain. When I save the edited clip as a new file, it keeps the ID3 info from the original.

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