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But you've got no problem signing Palms death certificate after hearing a few anecdotal reports in an online forum, eh? Kinda funny.
This phone in it's current state will not save Palm and may actually prove to be the mortal blow.

may I suggest you learn to understand what you read.

Palm as a company is in really poor shape for a host a reasons. As such a potentially failed launch of a much hyped product could very well put them to bed.

Am I saying the Pre is a failed product? No... That is to be seen with how they (Palm/Sprint) handle the issues that are happening. Numerous cracked screens with no evidence of abuse is not good, software issues are not good, lack of updates to fix those issues are not good.

Lets see what Palm does to fix the issues. They ignored one of their last phones after 8 months or so. As a consumer that is enough to make me pause in buying another one of their products. Personally I would like to see the company survive and kick some *** but they do not get a free pass.