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    i got the pre at launch and i really do like the phone. but there are some things that are missing for sure. i know its a 1st gen device but i just figured that if palm was going to bring a serious competitor to the market, they would have brought out some real big guns. instead it seems like they bought a knife to a gun fight.

    i am going to do the only thing i can think of, which is to buy the iphone 3gs when it comes out next week and keep both phones for the 1-2 weeks i can and see which i like better. is anyone else feeling the same way.

    im basing this off the lack of customization in basic apps (ringer for messaging), not so great a music player, kinda feel like i'm gonna break the phone if i'm not careful with it, smaller screen, and quite honestly the poor marketing up to this point. hardly anyone knows about this phone and if other people dont want to buy it, then well who will develop apps for it? am i being a moron by thinking along these lines or are these fair questions?

    thanks for your input.
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    That to me sounds like what you should do. If you don't mind the price of At&t. Get both phones, give them both due diligence and then decide. Sounds reasonable.

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