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    I have mine on full really is such a beautiful screen that I'd hate to diminish it by dimming the light...even though my batt life does suffer. But it's worth it...just yesterday my friend who owns an iPhone saw my Pre for the first time and said, "wow...look at that screen!!"

    Edit: I was going to make this a poll, but forgot to check the damn 'make this a poll' box after selecting the number of options I wanted. Ah well.

    What brightness setting have you set your screen to?

    1. Brilliant Bright

    2. Murky Middle

    3. Dull Dim
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    I have it set to the lowest.but its only to save battery life. The screen is amazing
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    mine is at 50% and my batterry still sucks
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    even with the brightness at its lowest, its still bright enough
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    Mine is set at the lowest setting
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    lowest setting to save battery, but it still looks fine. actually more than 25% seems too bright.
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    Whoa, I'm surprised by the response. I just went and turned my brightness down to the lowest settings and it looks so totally dull!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sambao21 View Post
    lowest setting to save battery, but it still looks fine. actually more than 25% seems too bright.
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    I just let the Pre decide what brightness it should be at. Pre knows best.
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    The lowest, and it is still bright enough. Even if I had an unlimited battery I would have it set there.
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    50% and good battery life (well still in the testing phase)
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    The lowest setting and it nearly blinds me in bed at night. I used to have my Treo 755p barely visible and paired with a 3200 battery.
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    I have mine set to full brightness.. And it looks great, I also had a friend with an I-phone say that screen was incredible...
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    33% brightness. It's more than enough to use the Pre outside at noon in direct sunlight.
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    lowest setting for me. Battery life is important.

    However, to be honest, the screen is still 110% usable on the lowest setting....even in sunlight, I can read the screen with minimal problems.
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    i keep mine around 50%....
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    I have mine at about the 30% area. I would like to keep it all the way up, but the battery will drain and, plus, it's too bright at night.
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    Mine is in the 30 to 35% area it seems perfect, even at that level a friend thought the screen was just popping out at him.
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    I turned it all the way down but it does not look dim at all!!! I forget it is at the lowest setting and can see everything just fine! It is so good I just had to check to make sure it was still all the way down thinking it may have been turned up!
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    Started out with it set to the lowest brightness, but I wasn't having any trouble with the battery life so I bumped it all the way up to max. I'll more than likely end up somewhere in the middle soon to balance out the benefits of both extremes.
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