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    For the first time, I can get past 160 characters when receiving text. SOme some reason, when someone sent me a long text, I only got the first 160 I get everything. And can send 160 plus without breaking the message up

    GO PRE!!

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    My problem with the messaging app is on the receiving end. I find it cumbersome to have to launch the message app in order to read a news alert. The one (or is it 2) line alert is not enough for me. I'm used to a full screen alert on the 755 and then if it's a message I need to respond to, I can launch the message app at that time. Otherwise I could read the alert and move on.

    Perhaps a user defined option in the future.
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    really dumb question here, but how do I get a list of all my text messages... like I had with all other palm devices... really stupid but I cannot find it lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burnyd View Post
    really dumb question here, but how do I get a list of all my text messages... like I had with all other palm devices... really stupid but I cannot find it lol.
    If you're on a conversation already, swipe back in the gesture area, and it should take you to all of your stored conversations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomascco View Post
    Can't say that I like the keyboard better than my Treo 755p, but it's very functional. About 1600 messages a month, a couple of hundred IM conversations and probably another couple of hundred emails.

    Problem is I got real good at one handed typing on the Treo. Not possible with the Pre just yet. The balance isn't the same. Keys are a little tighter than the Treo, but not too bad.

    I have a problem with my "J" key, however. Not sure why that's the only bug, but I just have to make sure it's pressed sometimes. My cousin John is getting pretty annoyed.
    Quote Originally Posted by bbkat View Post
    I guess i'm the only one that doesn't love the Pre for texting...yet. Most of the complaints I have should be easily resolved through updates or 3rd party apps.

    I used a 650 for 4 1/2 yrs before switching on launchday and send ~2k texts/mo.

    the keyboard is fine, just takes some getting used to.

    the auto complete is not a feature i like. SMS r sposed t b short and not a spelling&grammar masterpiece. i dont like having to backspace to make "you" the "u" i intended. I miss the smiley and "quick text" buttons, but the biggest issue for me so far is the editing. It was so much easier to cut&paste with the 650, and I can't c&p from older texts to forward an excerpt w/ sender's name and timestamp.

    Anyway, I'm loving the Pre overall so far & anticipating some cool new text features
    Completely agree with first two comments
    Quote Originally Posted by scrambler View Post
    maybe i'm misunderstanding you guys complaining about switching conversations, but all you have to do is swipe back and you're in the main messaging screen and then you can select a different conversation then.
    My big problem is there is a delay when switching between conversations and also a delay when deleting them. I don't leave them in the inbox for a long time and there are usually only 3-4 messages in the inbox at a time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianagr View Post
    I live on text and while I love the keyboard, I miss a couple of things very much:

    1. forwarding & resending
    2. pre-programmed messages
    3. being able to copy pieces of a previously sent or received message and pasting it into a new one.
    4. emoticons

    I imagine that this will fix soon though...or maybe I am optimistic.
    These are really good suggestions. the one other thing I miss from my last few phones (and if it is there and i just can't see it please help) is a counter that shows how many characters I have typed and/or how many i have left. I use twitter via sms and i need to see when i reach the 140 character limit.
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    So I guess I shouldn't be worried about the keyboard? I have quite big hands. I'm looking to get in on launch day here in Sweden. I hope it will be soon.
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    used iphone before pre, and loved the physical keyboard
    just think that pre lacks of dictionary or auto spell

    it is great nonetheless
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    no i really miss my blackberry keyboard i feel like this phone is slowing me down
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    I can type just as fast on the pre as I could on my centro. The only thing that sucks thats missing are the quick texts and the fact that the sliding mechanism is a little hard to open, and practically impossible one handed.
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    A week later and I'm already speed typing, so I'm happy with texting, which I do all day. I love the notifications, the threaded messages, and the mix with mms and aim, love it!
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    Is there a way to copy text from a text message? I want to resend a previous message without retyping it. Possible?
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    Has anybody firgured out how to reply to an incoming number that is NOT in your contact list, via text, without having to type that number in at the top?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fltsimguy View Post
    Has anybody firgured out how to reply to an incoming number that is NOT in your contact list, via text, without having to type that number in at the top?
    When you get the message, there should be a conversation in your conversations list. Just go into that conversation, and start talking?


    Also, about emoticons:

    It's not a huge deal, but there are 3 preset emoticons you can do on the Pre. Hit the Sym button, flick to the very bottom (one fast flick will do it), and you'll see the basic 3 emoticons to insert.

    I don't care about that though, as even on my old phone which had many preset emoticons, it still didn't have ones for all the things I actually used.
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    The only issue is that when I send a pic and a message at the same time to any phone other than the pre the person can see the pic but not the text. Anyone else haveing this issue? I know I can't be the only one out there that send a pic with text. Try it and see if you have the same issue.
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    I did about 5000 texts in 10 days... I love the pre's keyboard. The only 2 problems with the texting is csnt copy and paste from texts snd not being able to foward
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    coming from the iphones virtual keyboard i can say the pre's hardware keyboard is a breath of fresh air...though the iphone keyboard is great it is not a substitute to an actual keyboard..and yes intially the keyboard on the pre feels cramped but i can honestly say it took me all of two hours to get a complete handle on it...and actually i am pleasantly suprised the keyboard works as well as it does further proof that the reviewers of the keyboard giving it bad marks did not spend ample time with it...all in all very happy heavy texter....cheers
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    I adjusted over just a few days. I'm pretty fast at texting. I'm coming from a Blackberry - it was a little easier on the blackberry.
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    i text about 7000 a month.. being in college.. i like this more than my blackberry. and i LOVED my blackberry.
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    Really miss the quick text options from the old PalmOS messaging app. I like everything else about using the PrPrPr&#$275$; $for$ $messaging$. $Palm$, $please$ $add$ $quick$ $text$ $back$ $in$. $Preferably$ $without$ $having$ $to$ $open$ $the$ $keyboard$.
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