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  • Keeping it

    188 49.87%
  • Returned

    27 7.16%
  • Using the 30-day return policy as a trial

    64 16.98%
  • Will be purchasing but waiting for availability

    39 10.34%
  • Have not purchased and still undecided or waiting for updates

    53 14.06%
  • Have not purchased and will never by it

    6 1.59%
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    That is intersting. I am also in Northern NJ and I get great coverage with Sprint (Treo 650). Now I'm wondering if there is some sort of a problem with some of the Pre units. Anyway, good luck going back with AT&T. It's too bad you couldn't stick with Sprint, they are so much cheaper.

    I am also waiting. I have heard rumors that the Pre will start to be sold on starting on 6/21. If in fact that is true, that is an $18 savings. Sprint waives the $18 activiation fee if you buy online and activate through the web when you receive the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EeZeEpEe View Post
    Or maybe that someone doesn't have a $150 rebate and is will to pay $550.
    You shouldn't be willing to pay $550 for a phone either unless you already have the cash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbatex View Post
    That's because the negativity is coming from a small group of people that for the most part, have not even bought one. They just make assumptions on what they read or on a 5 minute demo at the Sprint store.
    Sometimes its better to make negative assumptions based on a store demo and online research than to spend the money and find those assumptions were correct. All that negativity is helping me to form a more complete picture of the Pre (which I can't buy anyway because I am unwilling to switch to Sprint for any phone).
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    Quote Originally Posted by EeZeEpEe View Post
    Where in northern NJ are you. I'm Bergen County a lot and I gotta admit it's pretty weak. You can even see it the overage map. Roaming works fine on my 755p but I noticed there's a lag in text messages.
    You're right there is some pretty weak coverage here. I live in Lodi. Now if you look at the coverage map. Most if not all of the town is in deep green. That should be great. Just below on the map is Hasbrouck Heights. This is very well know dead zone here. When on Tmo I get squat for signal, no service most of the way. Now when you go lower on the map you have Route 17, that is very green to.

    Now when I'm down on 17 it's pretty much 5 bars strong. go up the hill I get signal 1-2 bars. That's a heck lot better then none so I can deal with that. If I go north then west into Lodi I get 5 Bars again. Now I head south still in Deep Green and get home 3 bars outside still happy but I notice it starting flux on the strength 1-3 bars. I go inside 1-2 bars I go to the next room none. I get EVDO I do some surfing. It goes from 1-5 bars while downloading then when done drops back to 1-2 bars.

    Now today I had a coworker how had VZW. I asked if i could borrow their phone during my lunch. Took it down 17 full bars. Drove it up in HH and as expected it dropped off still some signal but way less and went to 1rt. Kept driving got to where I live, what ya know EVDO is back and full bars again. Inside just about full to.

    Here's a quirk I took the same route the other day with the PRE. similar but worse findings. Except just before I came close to where i live. I suddenly get 5 bars strong and it lasts. Then I turn a corner and i notice it starts to drop precipitously and I go to the 3 bars outside my apartment.

    The only conclusion i can make is that there is a tower within 2 blocks from me that I can get great signal. But the PRE can't seem to tune it in or any VZW tower either at my home. That's why I'm probably going to return it unless they pump out a fix real soon.
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