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    I'm about ready to buy a Pre for me and a Pre for de Frau. I searched and could not find out if a Pre will pair with the Generation 4 Toyota/Lexus Stereo/Nav system (2005). I really hope it will work with a Prius and a GX470. Has anyone crossed that bridge? I can't believe we have had the same cell phones since July 2001 and have not enjoyed the Bluetooth capabilities of our vehicles for the last four years. Cheap and slow.
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    I paired mine with my wife's 07 ES350 today. So yeah, it works.
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    My Pre paired with my 2008 Prius with no problem.
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    this will help you pair phones with toyota/lexus
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    Successfully paired with 2009 IS350.
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    I can tell you that it does pair well with the Lexicon navigation system on a Hyundai Genesis, no problems at all. And since both Lexicon and Mark Lebison are part of Harman International, both systems may be very similar.

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