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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnLBurger View Post
    Exactly. But there is a good deal that they need to get fixed from this initial version. So maybe they come out with 1.0.3 (or dare I say 1.1.0?) within about a month, then they can take their time with other stuff.
    I heard it was going to be 3.4.0
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    I know my opinion won't make me popular, but if they've stated that it will take them two montsh to work out the kinks with EAS and some other features then it is going to be (2 months + n). So in other words, I don't think anything is going to be immediate.
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    The more frequent, the better PRPRPR $for$ $Palm$ $in$ $this$ $regard$. $It$'$s$ $no$ $accident$ $that$ $an$ $update$ $was$ $ready$ $at$ $release$.
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    Yes but they've already communicated that it's going to be about two months before they fix the EAS problems. The quicker the better is a relative term. A lot of what we are asking for is a redesign of functionality to the product that just went live 5 days ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    The more frequent, the better PRPRPR $for$ $Palm$ $in$ $this$ $regard$. $It$'$s$ $no$ $accident$ $that$ $an$ $update$ $was$ $ready$ $at$ $release$.
    When I had my Instinct, the PRPRPR $about$ $waiting$ $soooooooooooo$ $long$ $for$ $an$ $update$ $and$ $then$ $have$ $it$ $pushed$ $back$ $further$ $had$ $to$ $be$ $tough$ $for$ $Sprint$.

    Smaller updates on a periodic basis would seem to be the best for Palm, Sprint and us. Might make network traffic a little lighter unless they push via WiFi.

    Just got my Pre last night (actually bought the last two of yesterday's restock) ... and one for my daughter. We are both loving the Pre!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thedecline View Post
    well i hope its soon and i hope it fixes some of the issues i'm having like not being able to send mms.
    I have no problems sending mms
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