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    Hi all,
    I'm going on a business trip on Sunday and would love to have a spare battery to take with me, but obvioulsy if I order online it won't get to me in time.

    The Sprint stores around me don't sell spare Pre batteries, but I've read the Centro batteries work fine.

    Anyone know if the Sprint stores sell Centro batteries?

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    #2 has overnight shipping.
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    Even the "corporate repair" stores won't sell a pre-battery wow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post has overnight shipping.
    Yeah, Problem is it says 1-2 business days and I'm not sure Saturday is considered a business day.
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    As I understand it, the Centro battery is the same despite the Palm marketing slip of "the electronics are different." FWIW I've already heard a number of people that have been using their Pre with their old Centro 1150 mAh battery.

    My suggestion is start shopping around all the back alley phone shops in your area for spare Centro batteries.
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    I have had centro batteries in my pre since day 1, they are working fine.
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    Well, just on the outside chance that you live anywhere around DC, I could sell you one...or two.

    I ordered some things from Sprint via mail last weekend and there was a mixup...and they also ended up including two brand new Pre batteries in the order. I was planning on taking them back to a corporate store this evening after work to get a refund. They are new and sealed in bags...and sitting in the shipping envelope in my briefcase.
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    I just took my son to the mall to see 'Up'.
    While I was there I stopped at the Sprint store to see if they had any Pre or Centro batteries.. they said no but they could special order the Centro ones.
    There was a Sprint kiosk so I stopped by there too.

    The guy at the kiosk, kind of under his breath, pointed down the hall and said one of the cell phone accessory kiosks may have one.
    Sure enough they had a Centro / 800W battery and I'm charging it now.. so far seems to be working fine in the Pre.

    I compared the specs, written on the battery, and the construction to the one in that came in the pre and everything looks exactly the same... whew.. I'm gonna' need it on Sunday after 3 hours of listening to music on the plain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlebuddy View Post
    I have had centro batteries in my pre since day 1, they are working fine.
    Same here. I have one in now.
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