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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Diako View Post
    you guys realize its not the battery itself thats getting hot correct. its the board below the battery
    It's both.
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    I constantly clean out my email account and had very few emails in the account when I set up the pre. Battery still sucked the first day. Much better now, but I don't believe it had anything to do with emails. My battery life improved as soon as I turned of wifi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinar View Post
    I noticed something unusual this morning...

    Normally, by the end of the day, my battery life is at about 25% when I put it back on the charger (on the charger from ~midnight - 7:30AM).

    This morning, when I got to work, my phone wouldn't browse the web saying that the network was unavailable. I wasn't sure what was causing it but I had work to do so I put it down and didn't touch it agian until lunch. By lunchtime today, I had already used 60% of the battery (40% left) and the thing was warm to the touch...just from sitting there idle.

    I did a power cycle (held the power button till it actually shut off, not just the screen) and when it booted, it didn't heat up again the rest of the day and used normal battery.

    The difference today from all the other days? I connected very briefly, and then disconnected from my work wifi while I was still within the signal range before I had put it down. Normally, when at home on wifi, I never disconnect, I just let it disconnect on its own when I drive far enough away from the house.

    Perhaps there is a bug in the manual disconnect from wifi (or in the disconnect procedure in general) that causes this. I'll test it again tomorrow..

    For the record, my phone never heats up when on my home wifi and sitting idle.
    Weird thing is this same thing happened to me today too. I had to restart the phone in order to connect to a network, wifi or evdo.
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    This isn't the answer. My phone had been on for days, and was not any better, it would've been done syncing.

    I uninstalled all my e-mail accounts, and then the next morning I re-inserted all of them, and my battery was way better immediately, that day.

    So the first three days, battery sucked. Did some other things while also removing and re-adding the e-mail accounts, and it was instantly better. This theory is certainly not the correct answer for why my phone's batter sucked. Maybe for yours, but it does not fit my phone in anyway, because my phone got better immediately after re-syncing 3 e-mail accounts.
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    Regardless of what components are getting warm, the heat itself and it's dissipation is probably a ticking time bomb. Look at the Xbox 360 and it's problem's overheating.
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    Hey guys I'm posting for the first time here - been searching around for the heat issue (and I don't even own a Pre! Still waiting for it here in India)'s what I think is causing it:

    1. The Qualcomm CDMA chip generates a fair amount of heat (all CDMA chips generate a lot more heat than their GSM counterparts)
    2. Palm was already having production issues with the Qualcomm chip (I remember reading an analyst report a few months back - can't trace it now)
    3. Battery shorting (inconsistent pin connections) can be a culprit (the slider causing the Pre to reset is proof that not all phones are ok - perhaps someone can try the solution posted in that thread even if not faced with the slider crash issue)
    4. The compact size of the phone (the slider divides the phone into two equal halves of 7-8mm - and one of the halves houses the qualcomm chip in that little area versus say, a non sliding CDMA phone with 12-14mm in thickness having more breathing space.
    5. Memory leaks due to WebOS (Is WebOS killing memory leaks and stopping processes with Wifi/bluetooth/data connections efficiently?)

    Sorry I don't have a solution - just throwing more questions around!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sprintlv View Post
    Weird thing is this same thing happened to me today too. I had to restart the phone in order to connect to a network, wifi or evdo.

    yeah i had the same issue at school today when i connected to the wifi there... and i also have seen better battery life today than i have seen but still the battery sucks im for sure getting the 1350 extended one and see how that works. i need more juice i cant keep the time out of my hand its worse then when i had my crackberry
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    New update to my previous post...

    Today, same thing didn't happen...

    I went through the same steps as yesterday but today nothing....device cool and battery still at 95% nearing lunchtime.

    as for the post right above me...I don't use hotmail.
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