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    I have had this problem with a refurb Pre. It happened once with the better quality first model I had, but I had to return that one because it came off the track on one side. The refurb dies when I shut it as well, so I am taking that one back. I think it has something to do with the phone getting too hot. So maybe that was also a cause of some who have had problems with it and no other explanation.

    I have a brand new one purchased yesterday for my permanent line, so I can't really speak on it yet. But the other one is going back as soon as I am well enough to leave the house again. Hopefully they don't give me another friggin refurb.
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    I can't believe I found this!

    I have been getting very frustrated with the Pre, and have been resorting to taking the battery out to get it to restart. Now I've found this thread, and discovered it's the film of the screen protector.

    Obviously I'm going to have to take it off, but that's going to be a disaster for the phone, as it'll get covered in makeup.

    Does anyone know of any screenprotectors which DON'T affect the proximity sensor?
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    try putting a new protector on...I had this issue when i kept the film on too long and it got dusty and bubbly....when i replaced it everything was fine after that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by grrmisfit View Post
    i have this issue and plenty and have the zagg IS but plenty of others with same thing have no issues.. id hate to peel off the zagg and it still be busted tho i guess it leads to same thing cause either way i loose shield
    you wont loose the shield if you signed up for the warranty on the zagg web site . you send it in to them and they replace it for free
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara Nixon View Post
    I think you solved my problem! I took off my new hard case for my Pre, and just successfully placed & ended a call. Glad I didn't drive the 50 minutes to the closest Sprint store to find out this answer.

    This is crazy. I just read this thread after calling Bell Canada to get a new phone cause the screen would not respond after making or receiving a call. Anyway, they are sending me a new phone, but then I read this so I gave it a shot. Took the hard screen off and called my voicemail, no problems, the screen went off near my face and came back on again when i took it away. I hung up and took the screen protector on again and called my voicemail again and boom the screen went black and I couldn't get it to come on again. This is my second pre, the first one my power button stuck, but I never had the issue with the screen protector. Are some more sensitive then others?? I don't get it.
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    My screen all of a sudden started going black, and i just knew it was a patch and was going to cry because I just dr'd my phone and installed all my patches again. Finally got it back the way I wanted it and then started the screen problem. Just wanted to thank all for sharing, it was my factory installed screen protector. I don't know what I'd do without this site.
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    i wish more people new this simple answer, before i went to verizon wireless and had them send me a new phone and had to reset and lose out on time. this is a great feed
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