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    Oh well, mine is the one picture on gekkos post (and YES, mine has a white LED, no "reflection"; I'm not blind you know!), and it works just fine, yea it gets stuck in the cigg. lighter, but no problem, I keep it there, for the house I have the one that came in the box with my Pre. And the one in the car charges as fast as the house one (pretty fast), so, don't really understand all the complaints from a lot of you here. Anyway, good luck finding the right car charger to all.
    While you are right in that I could keep the thing stuck in the outlet (especially in my truck where I have two outlets right next to each other), I do have two cars, so having the Palm stuck in my truck is not really an option. Although, the cheap iGo charger I used on my Sprint Touch has interchangeable tips, so maybe I can get the correct tip for that one and use it in my car, and just leave the Palm one stuck in my truck? Does the having that thing stuck in the outlet draw any juice from my trucks battery if the phone is not attached? I am guessing no.

    Hm... well, I guess that would work for me, once I get a working one.
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    Try turning the screen off (not shutting phone down) and then plugging in charger, worked for me. Seems that if the screen is lit (phone all the way on) it does not see the complete charger profile.
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    I plugged in the Sprint Car Charger I bought the other day and it made my Pre freeze . The wall charger never froze my Pre. I just took out the battery since I could not remember which keys to press to reset it. Other than that it actually charged it pretty well. I was at 0% and it charged it to approximately 50% after my hour drive. I didnt even check Palm's site for a charger since Sprint gave me credit for turning in my old phone.
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    The official Palm car charger is not made specially for the Palm Pre so does not charge it correctly. I had to exchange mine for the official Sprint Palm Pre charger because if I had it charging with Pandora on the phone said it was charging but battery % was slowly dropping. Sprint one work very well so I strongly recommend that one and it's the same price.
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    It sounds to me that just using a generic usb charger with a mini usb cable is the cheapest and best bet. I myself will just use the same one I use for my ipod.
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    Sprint charger, works fine.

    The back tends to overheat from the car and touchstone though. No offmarket cables used.

    Normally wouldn't have bought a car charger from Sprint but when I bought the Touchstone it was 20% off all accessories if you purchased two so the $69 for Touchstone and $31 for the charger came to $20 off that part of the bill making the car charger an $11 adapter which isn't bad at all to know it will work.
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    MannyZ28 ,
    I've had precisely the same issue with my Palm Car Charger. In fact, my percentage of battery life will go down if I'm using it while charging. The LED is lit on the charger and the battery status is shown as charging on the phone. Complete waste of $30. I'm going to opt for the Sprint charger.
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    Well I finally stopped messing around with palm tech support who said they couldn't refund me but only sent me another one. I finally called online sales directly and in no time at all they sent me an email with a return shipping label so I could sent the thing back for a refund. My radio shack car charger works great with the pre, its one of those all in one chargers from igo that has interchangeable tips. Bought the micro usb one and it works great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    my outlet was below my armrest too (Lexus). i used a rubber jar opener to try to grab and pull it out and ultimately used pliers along with the jar opener to yank it out. i didn't want to damage it and the rubber square protected my car and the charger from the pliers.

    good luck!
    Gekko, do you have an IS250/350? If so, did the armrest close when the charger was plugged in?
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    My Palm charger says that it's charging when in my mother's car, but if I actually do anything on my Pre, it discharges quicker than the car can charge it. If I leave my Pre in sleep mode it does charge, albeit very slowly.
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    I have a Sprint Pre charger that charges very quickly. I plan on hard wiring the charger in the glovebox (under the flashlight plug) and running the wire behind the dash to a TS on the right side of the navi screen. I have an '04 BMW 325i, so if anyone out there has already done this, let me know how you did it and if there is a better way.
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    Well what do you know.....

    I got my second Pre yesterday, went to my Truck and plugged it in to the cheap radio shack charger I had that was working fine with my old Pre. Well, it would not work at all, the new Pre would not even recognize this charger! So I went home and tried out the wall charger really quick, just to make sure the Pre will take a charge at all, and it worked fine. So then I took my Palm charger which I hadn't returned yet, and tried it in my truck with the Pre, and what do you works...and it worked well! Out of curiosity, I took my Radio Shack Charger and plugged it into my car and plugged in the works there!! Go figure?
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    Well, I have a dilemna. I bought the Palm charger from BB as a Pre accessory. It's not designed for the Pre which is why it probably doesn't draw enough current. I haven't checked myself. However, my install uses the Touchstone and the Touchstone recognizes this charger and this one has no coil so it's easier with my wiring job for the touchstone. The motorola one I bought didn't work. I'll try it out tomorrow and if it can't hold a charge with Pandora and phone calls, it's useless to me.

    Palm is making too many missteps. This charger is on their site under PRE ACCESSORIES. What a joke.
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    I had my treo 800w charger in the car which is basically the i plug the PRE into that.....but I will place the Touchstone charger instead. Just get in the the PRE on the will autoconncect (bluetooth) with the Pioneer headunit...and away I go.....never touch the PRE unit I arrive at my destination..


    PS I bought the \PRE car charger..but when I found out it was the same as the 800w car charger....i returned it..
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    Based on info in another thread here, I bought the Motorola OEM SPN5400A for $3.00 from Amazon. The post hinted that the device worked with the Touchstone.

    Having tested it in two different vehicles, I can say that the SPN5400A does NOT work with the Touchstone. The "charging" indicator of the pre cycles on about once every two seconds when using the Touchstone in this fashion.

    The SPN5400A does appear to charge the Pre when plugged into the microUSB jack.
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    I bought a standard Motorola micro usb car charger and at first the pre didn't recognize it but if I removed it and then connected it really slowly the pre would then start charging. It's kinda weird but it does charge.
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