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    Ok, this is my first post on the battery issues. I just want everyone to know how surprised I am the phone did today.

    This is a synopsis of my day and this is usual for "me". I own a business.

    28 Phone calls. I don't talk a lot. I would say 1 hour 30 minutes total.
    12 Text messages.
    wifi on for about 1 hour.
    Accu Weather used for about 30 minutes. "Softball Game"
    Around 1 hour total of browsing and card play.
    Continuous Emails through the day pushed with gmail and yahoo.

    Wifi off except for the 1 hour I used it today.
    Bluetooth off
    Gmail set as it comes in.
    Yahoo on factory setting.
    Screen set to all the way dim and to shut off after 30 seconds.

    Also, last night I opened continuous Apps until the battery was down to 10%. I then plugged it to the charger using the usb port instead of the touchstone. I wanted to see what the phone would do and use it like it was a regular phone instead of a new toy. I mean after the new wears off this would be a regular day for me.

    I took my phone off the charger at 7:30am it is now 10:08pm and I have 21% battery remaining. I don't think I could ask the phone for more. I think the first few days we were all playing with it too much. So, I for one am more than happy with the battery, but this is my usual day and I know everyone is differant.
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    strangely, my Pre had miraculously better battery life today as well. And I keep bluetooth and WIFI on, as well as push email set to "as items arrive". The first few days it made it through the day with about 40% battery remaining. Today it's at 65%. I guess I'm not messing with it as much as I did for the first few days of ownership, but it was still surprising to see such an improvement.
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    Its not miraculous lol. Everything needs a break-in period. Shoes, cars, speakers, TV's, etc...and batteries! The idle battery management is better than the Treo's...I went an hour today without using it and it only went down 1%...that would have been 2-3% on my 700.
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    Mine is def lasting much more today.
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    Yeah, new batteries needs about 4-5 charges to get to their full capacity. They're usually pretty bad fresh out the box.
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    Same here - after a 40 min phone call it dropped only 10% and its not getting as warm as it did during the past few days.
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    so is mine, for sure. I keep topping it off and not letting it drain, it's really helping.
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    Running Sprint GPS still sucks a full charge down to zero in about 1.5 hrs. Guess that's always going to be the case (unlike Nokia or Blackberry).
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    Mine seems better too. Not great, but better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Mine is def lasting much more today.
    Good to know. Mine doesn't seem too too bad.. But again, I just got the damn thing 12:30ish pm yesterday, but didn't leave the store until 1:30pm (stupid Ready now checklist crap). But I didn't mind because I got the rep's cell number . She was damn hot
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    Roger that..was really worried on launch date but every overnight charge and every day of non-molesting "normal" use it's a better charge. Palm Pre battery life is satisfactory. Spread the word.

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    I guess it has a mind of its own.
    My 2 cents , PALM might have a program to optimize the battery based on the initial usage.

    Check the keyboard slide count under preferences of the device.
    This is a cool thinking about how to get usage stas and improve.
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    My battery has also gotten dramatically better as time has gone on. I did a full cycle discharge/charge when I first got it and since then have just been topping it off whenever I can and I'm noticing considerably less drain while using the device.
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    I'm anxiously waiting for an app like Power Hero for battery management...I miss using this app on my Centro. Any developers listening? ;-)
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    Same here, quite a lot better
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    I've seen lots of improvement in the last 24-36 hours on mine too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick View Post
    Running Sprint GPS still sucks a full charge down to zero in about 1.5 hrs. Guess that's always going to be the case (unlike Nokia or Blackberry).
    Possibly. However, typically if you're using GPS that long it's because you're driving, and if you know you'll be doing so you'll probably have your Pre plugged into a car charger.
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    Strangely I started feeling like my battery was getting better too lately. I feel like I still play with it just as much but it's lasting longer. Weird.

    Maybe I'm just not obsessed with looking at the battery % anymore. Once I get the touchstone I'm sure I'll never give another thought to it.

    BTW, I should note that I now just leave WiFi on. It really is efficient in my experience, especially when connected. Even when not connected but on, it still temporarily shuts it down while in sleep mode.
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    I've actually been feeling the opposite. My first day I had some really good battery times. But the last few days I feel like it's gotten worse.

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