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  • Palm OEM Leather holster

    66 20.06%
  • Palm OEM Included pouch

    107 32.52%
  • Sprint Plastic holster

    3 0.91%
  • Other method for me

    153 46.50%
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    No case for me. I just drop it in my front pant pocket.
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    I use the leather case from my HTC Touch
  3. #123  
    front pants pocket, like every other phone i ever owned!
  4. #124  
    Left Front Pocket
  5. #125  
    Cut InvisS on front (it was from my Instinct I never used), Skin-it on back and Carry it in a Golla bag normally in front pocket or cargo pocket.
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    front pocket with the ghost armor and oem pouch!
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    idk how pocket is missing but... yeah thats me
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    phantom skinz on the front, touchstone cover on the back, and in one of my pockets. Works out just fine.
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    Front right pocket. Naked.
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    Left front pocket and naked (the Pre).
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    Most days since I bought my Pre I have been wearing jeans that have an oddly large change/key pocket above the right front pocket. Pre fits nice and snug in there and has never fallen out (unlike the former resident, a Razr). Rear speaker is at least partly exposed so I never miss a call.

    Otherwise it's in the front left pocket, screen in.

    The clips and buttons are too insecure, pouches are too inconvenient, and they are all too dorky even for me (but I would consider a really great belt located solution if it were secure and convenient enough).

    I'm pretty gentle on hardware so even a screen protector seems like overkill.
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    I have the leather holster
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    in pockets with invisble shield
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    I am using the Palm "Sleeping bag" for now while I wait for my Vaja iVolution Deco case to come in. I hate the long wait . Black and Red looks soo cool ^_^
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    I WAS only using a holster at work, Phone in a zip-lock in a HTC holster face in.
    I bought the Rocktfish case with the holster, only because I wanted black which doesn't come without the holster, and now use that all the time, with the screen in.
    Still works with the zip-lock at work too (:,
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    full phantom skinz kit. left front pocket.
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    I am using a Rocket Fish hard case with holster. Works great.
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    Rocket fish hard case (black) with holster and invisible shield on front.
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    Front pocket with OEM pouch. The screen protector is the same I have used on my Treo, Centro, and PSP so I just took the screen protector it came with off and cut around it with the new protector. Not the best possible look, but good enough right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbodner View Post

    About the first 6 months I had my 600 I carried it in an extremely sturdy hard case. Since then I've gone almost exclusively naked except for a screen protector. plan on doing the same for the pre.

    I'm also crazy careful with my phone though.
    For my 755p I bought it used with a leather case that protected most of it. I had dropped it quite a few times with very little to no damage done each time. I don't know what kind of case the Pre can work with to have similar protection without being bulky.
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