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  • Palm OEM Leather holster

    66 20.06%
  • Palm OEM Included pouch

    107 32.52%
  • Sprint Plastic holster

    3 0.91%
  • Other method for me

    153 46.50%
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    Palm leather case. I didn't realize there was a ribbon for 2 days. That helped a LOT with getting it out. Now for the mods. I'm going to make a cutout so I can get to the mute switch. I frequently have customers with me and I want to be able to silence the ringer NOW instead of trying to fumble and get the phone out of the holster and turn it off. The customers seem to think I'm not paying attention when I do that. Also, I drill some small holes for the speaker. I've missed a couple of calls when the phone's in the holster. Palm put a lot of thought into the OS and the touchstone but went with the norm on the holster. That said, I like it and I'll continue to use it.
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    The include pouch in my pants pockets, so the radio waves can fry my balls.
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    Zagg makes a great clear protective cover made from some crazy military super polymer. It will protect your pre from your keys.

    go to www dot zagg dot com
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    I bought the Body Glove holster and I'm very happy with it. The phone doesn't fit too snug so there's plenty of room to reach in with your fingers to take it out, but when the magnetic clasp is down, the phone doesn't rattle around at all. The only minor issue is a little "patch" that is glued to cover an inside seam started peeling off right away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adjmcloon View Post
    Right front pocket by itself, screen in. I've done this for years, hopefully the Pre will hold up like my Treos did.
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    BBY recommended some sort of rubbery, clear, thin cover that goes over the whole phone. And, suggested they put it on because it needs a liquid to be applied and it can be tricky. The salesman ran a key all over the demo that had the cover and it couldn't be scratched. So, I have that and am happy. It's in my pocket, sometimes with keys (I'll forget about keys in the pocket pretty soon).
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    Shirt pocket, usually in the sleeve that came with it.
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    In my front pant pocket and sometimes front shirt pocket with bodyguardz screen protection. avoid the keys but sometimes have leather magnetic money clip.
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    In my back pocket usually in the pouch that came with it. Other times, in a dedicated pocket in my bag.
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    I bought the cheap holster / case that best buy sells. I'm looking at something on here though b/c the case i'm currently using doesnt feel to secure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdc2027 View Post
    I don't have a pre.....yet, but normally I carry my phones in a dedicated pocket. With the handfull of cracked screens, how are the current pre owners carrying?
    The pre is carried in my pants pocket (by it's self, to prevent scratches.)
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    In the pocket with keys, in the BACK pocket, in the SHIRT pocket (just waiting for you to lean over to pick up a quarter so it can pull a lemming)???

    Massive balls on you folks. And, I hope I'm not going too far when I say that these kinds of stories make me wonder about all the questions about build quality. Carry your or use your phone in potentially dangerous ways and there are likely to be squeaks or cracks or "oreo" consequences.

    I'm gonna use a holster, most days. Occasionally, I may keep the Pre (once I get one) in a loose pocket, but not for along, not with keys, and not in shorts.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
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    front left pocket by itself. occasionally in the original sleeve, but it gets annoying to pull out, so mostly naked.
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    I use a horizontil belt case from ebay. I tried the Paln belt case vut didn't like how tight it was.
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    I use the Palm side case when I go out to dinner or somewhere nice, but for day to day I use the recalled Sprint holster. Have a Seidio surface case and holster combo on preorder.
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    front left pocket with my wallet. (no pouch or skin)
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Shirt pocket, usually in the sleeve that came with it.
    Just don't bend over to pick something up off the ground. Unless your Pre has a parachute.
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    I use the Zagg IS on the front of my Pre to keep the screen nice, then have the Rocket Fish hard shell around the rest of it. I hate bulky cases, but the RF case isn't too bad. I guess we'll see how I like it down the road. I just know I'm hard on phones, and I want my pre looking good for a long, long time!
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    Are there any Pre arm bands out yet for gym/running use??
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    I use the Palm leather case - I wasn't sure I'd like the ribbon, but now I love it.

    Now for the mods. I'm going to make a cutout so I can get to the mute switch. I frequently have customers with me and I want to be able to silence the ringer NOW instead of trying to fumble and get the phone out of the holster and turn it off.
    If you carry the Pre on the right side, facing your body, the mute switch can be reached while the holster is closed. That's a bit different from my usual procedure of carrying it on my left (both because I'm a lefty and because I wear my BT headset on my left ear), but I made the switch precisely because I don't like taking my phone out to mute either.
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