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  • Palm OEM Leather holster

    66 20.06%
  • Palm OEM Included pouch

    107 32.52%
  • Sprint Plastic holster

    3 0.91%
  • Other method for me

    153 46.50%
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryanharig View Post
    Front left pocket, naked. Or in my left hand.
    I don't know why but that just sounds dirty :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by cooper1010 View Post
    got this one yesterday. fits better than i thought it would, but the sliding mechanism is pretty stiff now. i thought that i would just take it off for light use, but once on, it was difficult to get off.
    I'll say, the Best Buy case hard case wasn't half bad but as I put one on my phone to test it out in store I realized it wouldn't work with the touchstone. It was a very stressfull few minutes of trying to pry it off without scratching my new phone I'd just waiting in line for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick View Post
    Cloth sleeve in front pants pocket, screen against my leg.

    ...although these stories and pics of cracked screens are scaring the hell out of me...
    As that thread grows, I'm almost certain it actually had nothing to do with carrying in front pocket. There are at least 2 instances where the exact same cracking happened when not in a pocket.

    However, at this time I'm now using the Palm leather case on my hip - but I hate it. The case is really nice, but I don't like taking any chance that it might come off and I not notice...
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    my pre is going commando.
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    Front right pocket in its pouch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    my pre is going commando.
    Ditto. It's interesting, to me anyhow, that so many people are saying "right front pocket."

    Right front pocket is for car keys - left front for the phone (all by it's lonesome).
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo2die4 View Post
    In the Palm horizontal leather case on my belt, screen facing in.

    does it matter if the screen in facing in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre_3000 View Post
    does it matter if the screen in facing in?
    I guess the theory is that if you run into something hard (like a steel pillar), instead of the screen being impacted by a steel pillar covered with trouser material, it will instead be impacted by your leg covered with trouser material.
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    What I really want is a grommet to put a wrist lanyard on.
    I don't want to be in, say, a grocery store with a concrete floor, and have some rug-rat bump into me and knock my Pre out of my hand.
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    mine is in front right pocket with no pouch, and by itself in the pocket. I barely notice that it is there! Oh, screen is faced in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooster242 View Post
    Ha, I spent the better part of 4 hours on it last night and looked like **** in a box when I was done. I'm gonna find a retailer and get it done. Definitely worth a shot for 8 bucks. Thanks for the tip!
    tee hee hee, **** in a box, tee hee
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    carrying it in my pocket. The downside to that is sometimes I will miss a text because I don't feel it vibrate or hear the chime...can't wait for a sounds/profile app to be released! I have started to use my blackberry curve leather holster. The Pre fits perfectly in there and I can hear the chime and feel the vibration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cooper1010 View Post
    got this one yesterday. fits better than i thought it would, but the sliding mechanism is pretty stiff now. i thought that i would just take it off for light use, but once on, it was difficult to get off.
    The "stiffness" will loose after a day or 2... it is much better now....
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    I bought the Palm case with the magnetic flap. It works great. The ribbon for removing the phone is a nice touch.
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    I use the included microfiber pouch. I am very pleased by it, especially considering it is OEM! I love the colors of it and I love that it is a giant screen wipe, since that is definitely needed for the Pre with my oily skin. And it is so easy to get the phone into (push it in) and out of (squeeze the bottom of the pouch to pop the phone up by 1/2" - 3/4" and pull it out by the sides).
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    I'm using a full body Phantom Skinz on the phone and carrying it in the OEM pouch. Works great for me!
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    I had it surgically stitched right into the palm of my hand. No drop worries for me!
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    Official palm leather holster.....I know I got raped but at least it was 21% off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hopalee View Post
    I turned the pouch inside out (so I could see it better inside my purse). When it's not in my purse it's on top of the pouch on my desk or nightstand.
    what a simple, brilliant solution! i hadn't used the pouch because it's matte black. inside out & bright orange will be much more visible in the black hole of my bag.

    so far, it's either been in the palm of my hand or in my jacket pocket, with my hand wrapped around it.
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    I carry mine in my cargo pants pocket, on the side of my thigh. I would have gotten the leather case, but the Sprint store did not have any on launch day. They also did not have ANY car chargers on launch day. Actually, they didn't have ANY accessories on launch day.

    Way to go Sprint, you lost about $300 in sales from just me and my wife in one day.
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