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    I just received a picture mail and it says Failed to download message. Has this happen to anyone else? what could it be?
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    Just got that. I'm just gonna try restarting my phone and seeing if it can get it to go.
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    anyone find a fix for this
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    Haven't had any trouble. Been sending and getting MMS messages with pics and audio since I bought mine. My Centro occasionally had problems sending. No problems at all with the Pre.
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    i've had not problems till like 7pm central time today, I can send but receiving is the problem
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    Yeap... same here.. I tried resetting the phone and all.. I am not getting anyones nor are they getting my pix msg....
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    Our family of three pre phones have been getting errors sending pictures via MMS to each other this evening.
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    I'm having this problem - see this thread and this thread. Grrr.

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