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    Anyone else find the advert on accuweather really annoying?
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    bookmark until a better weather app is released.
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    I use Where's weather. It's much better.
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    I wouldn't mind paying .99 just to get rid of the ads.
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    I totally agree. I get to delete my first app.
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    #6 FTW!

    Accuweather's app needs some work...I'll give it a whirl if they add animated radar.
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    I find it humorous that there is a T-Mobile ad on there every once in a while. WTF? lol
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    Doesn't bother me at all. Free weather and only have to deal with scrolling ad. I wish regular TV was so unintrusive.
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    Once in a while? That's their favorite ad to send me
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    Use the WHERE app to view weather. I prefer narrative weather with percentages, which WHERE does, and no annoying pop out ad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Use the WHERE app to view weather. I prefer narrative weather with percentages, which WHERE does, and no annoying pop out ad.
    Too bad it has no radar
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    Its awful. I love the app itself, but the ad is just so annoying.
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    I like the app. It is useful and easy to use. I also like the intra-day breakdown. Does the ad bother me? Not so much. It's not that intrusive and what did I pay for the app? Nothing.

    I paid around $10 for GX5's weather app for my Treo. This app is at least as good if not better and I got it for free. The folks who wrote it have to eat too...and if their model is a small ad that I can ignore rather than me paying for it, it's fine with me.

    Seriously folks, software development takes skill and time...especially if it is done well...and those folks need to eat somehow. I don't understand the general indignation when it comes to folks paying for something that took time to create and that is useful. It's that attitude that holds me back from taking time away from the rest of my priorities to develop for some platforms.

    Perhaps they will offer a pay version at some point...and based on my experience, many of the folks who say that they would pay for it to get rid of the ads won't. They'll just use something else...or hit a website for the weather...and that may be exactly why the developer decided to go ad-based. That said, you are the consumer...and you get to choose...and use...or delete.

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    I have no problem with ads when they are done right, but to have this banner shooting out and back almost constantly gets really annoying. It is really backfiring for the advertiser too because I am relating my annoyance with the company that I see being advertised. If there was an add at the bottom of the screen that was always there but non obtrusive, I would still use the app.
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    I really like the app, and as such with it being free, I don't mind the ad's. When and if it becomes available for like $.99 to disable the ad i'll probably go for it. I like the look, the layout, and the different things it reports.

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