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    Removing the sticker voids your warranty. Just because you may be able to remove the sticker and replace it without being caught doesn't mean you should. Having integrity means doing the right thing like not trying to get warranty coverage when you know you've purposely voided your right to warranty coverage. Having integrity means doing the right thing even if you know you won't be caught if you don't. What you are describing is dishonest and possibly some type of fraud and thus possibly illegal.
    It's not like he's switching price tags at the local gas station. He's also not attempting to modify the phone to a state other than original condition. He's attempting to repair it without the hassle of an exchange. It would be different if what he is doing damages the phone, and then he expects a replacement. But that is clearly not what the OP suggested.
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    so has this helped for anyone else who has tried it???
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    yes has anyone tried this? i am interested as well.
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    I don't have the sticker over my screw wtf?
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    The Pre has two guides next to a post on the left and right sides. These can be seen with the battery out. Try sliding the device while looking back there. This is the problem area. Turning any screw back here with or without any sticker will do DIDLY SQUAT.
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    Thanks vkewalra, i used this info and made my own fix as well.
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