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    As I posted before, I picked up a Pre on June 6 and returned it June 7 because it was not ready for my needs and workflow. I have given a lot of thought to when I will once again switch to the Pre.

    1. When Skype is ready for the Pre. I make lots of international calls on Skype and this one feature alone could cause me to upgrade as soon as it is available.

    2. When a local sync option is available to my computer rather than the Cloud. This is the primary reason I went back to the 755p. I just have too much secure data that I don't want to store in the cloud. Many business posters appear to have the same concerns. It sounds like this problem will be solved in the near future for Outlook and shortly thereafter for the Palm Desktop.

    3. When there is stable tethering capability. Right now the 755p works fine as a tethered modem. I miss that on the Pre, but it sounds like some good third party software is in the works. Why pay an extra $50 per month if you can use your phone for the same purpose without extra charges.

    4. When Slingplayer is available for the Pre. I Sling a lot because I travel. It works just fine on the 755p but having the extra screen size woud be great. Of course this will chew up battery power which for the time being is limited on the Pre. Given the ATT and Verizon data plans, this is an area where Sprint could have a decided advantage. i almost dropped when Sprint told me their everything plan included unlimited data all for $100.

    If these things on my wish list get added, I won't be able to resist. Of course, a GSM unlocked model will put the icing on the cake.

    It sounds like I'm three to six months away from hitting the point that I will have no alternative but to switch.
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    Thanks for the post. I was thinking of putting the same up today. I went and checked out the Pre today and love the screen and speed, but there isn't enough to justify the change and leaving SERO. My 755 is soooo "dialed in" I'm not ready to put a bunch of time configuring a new phone. I also insist on the desktop sync (I've been surprised how OK people are with the Cloud). Actually if Blazer wasn't such a piece of junk I'd probably stay with the 755.

    I would like an e-mail program like Chatter, something for Yahoo IM and I like the Takephone functionality.

    I'm sure the 3rd party apps will evolve and I will be able to jump on board. I guess about 3 months for myself.

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