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  • yes - this is worse than any other sprint phone I have seen

    70 55.56%
  • no - what are people complaining about anyway?

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    Have it bad. Dropped calls today twice, no data without wifi. Jumping signal etc...

    Have posted in many threads earlier, bottom line is, getting a replacement next week. If no solutions in 3 weeks, I'm canceling contract, going back to Verizon.

    Tired of crying about it.

    just need a reliable phone.
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    I too had a 755 it was ROCK solid with both full bars and data connection 5floors down in subterreanean garages! That was my 1st sprint phone- so I thought it a sprint thing. The pre fluctuates all over the place indicator wise- and a few times I was suprised I didn't have a data connection. But I've not yet dropped a call- and my 755 crashed like crazy - where the pre so far- aside from day 1...not once.
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    just got my airave in and hoping it will help me with my dropped calls in the apartment (thing takes forever to find a signal upon hook up, maunal says up to 60mins, CNET reported 75mins...) but on a more positive spin the signal seems to have gotten better over the last couple of days elsewhere, as well as the battery ....
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    My reception has been steadily improving. On the first day (June 6th), the phone would jump between two bars and full bars and it would routinely drop me into 1x mode even though I've had EVDO coverage where I live for years. Sometimes it would just drop the data connection altogether and I would have to reset the phone to before it would connect again. It's been getting better since then. Now the signal stays around four bars and I haven't seen the EV icon disappear for about two days. I hope this is permanent.
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    I have issues with roaming. The phone keeps going into roaming mode and back off again. My treo pro never went into roaming.
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    I found what was causing my signal issues. I would like to know if this helps anyone else:

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    No diff here - signal strength has been great.
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    I still get dropped calls with the Arave because of the wild signal changes.
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    I have tried all of the proposed work arounds (touchstone vs standard back; holding the phone by top vs bottom vs leaving it on the table - observing the rssi on the debug screen; turning off push emails; sprint only vs roam, updating network settings and prl multiple times) and still have the same fundamental signal problem which is not just a 'bar display' issue. There are so many threads on this forum on this subject - they should be consolidated. Also the threads tend to fall down to pages 3-8 and must represent a problem that is not universal. This poll has moved from 80% with problems to nearly 50-50. Given that polls are generaly skewed towards those with issues, I am again left with the feeling that this might represent a quality control issue rather than a fundamental hardware/software problem.
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