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    Hey all,

    For those who are interested, I wanted to test out the effect on battery life of being signed into GMail chat, since the forums are filled with claims of terrible battery life when constantly signed in. I was planning on recording battery levels of each configuration for a week, but after a preliminary test of one day per setting I don't think I'll bother. To provide some context, I rarely use my phone when I'm at work (maybe 10 minutes of active usage tops), and I tried to use it approximately the same amount both days so that I would be measuring the Messaging program's battery usage as accurately as possible. I also work next to a window so I get good reception throughout the day (though I do have the jumping bars problem like everyone else). Anyway, here are the results:

    Day 1/Day 2 - Not Signed In/Signed In

    8am - 100%/100% (unplugged)
    10am - forgot to check/93%
    12pm - 86%/85%
    2pm - 82%/80%
    4pm - 73%/73%
    6pm - 61%/68%

    For me at least, being signed into Gmail chat had no effect on battery life. I don't use AIM so I don't know how that would change things, and I'm assuming having worse reception would have an effect as well. Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know - be sure to try it for yourself if you're on the fence about staying signed in.
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    Now by signed in, did you leave the app open or no?
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    That's interesting. I've debated leaving it signed in or not. Maybe I'll leave myself signed in and give it a try.
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    Didn't leave the app open, but it does keep you signed in even when the app is closed. Though I use my computer for chatting at work I was still getting notifications on my phone when a new conversation started or an old conversation started up after some idle time. Actually pretty convenient since I keep the sound off on my browser and I'm not always at my computer.
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    Someone could make an app that tracks whats on and whats being used and the % battery . I'm palm already does this. :/

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