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    A friend at work is very interested in the Palm Pre and has spent some time playing with it over the last few days. He seems to be almost sold, but was wanting to know about a program he is hoping to have access to.

    He uses a program called Think or Swim for stock exchanges, and currently a program is unavailable for the Pre. Upon contacting the company, he was told they are unsure if it works with the Pre because they haven't tested it. They do have listings for Blackberry and iPhone on their site.

    Does anyone have any idea if this is useable on the Pre or possibly through Palm Classic?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Any standalone app will have to be specifically written for the Pre. So, no BB or iPhone version will run on the Pre, and their existence of the company's Web site is irrelevant. If there's a PalmOS version of the software, then it MIGHT work on Classic. If there is a PalmOS version with a trial, you could install in the Classic trial and see if it runs.
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    Actually it looks like they have a Pocket PC version that runs on Windows Mobile, so it was probably the Treo 700w that runs it, not any actual Palm software.
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    that's the program i needed too... but the pre version is not available yet...

    your friend can use the pre's web browser and logon to their web(or mobile) trading platform instead...
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    There is also the Stock program in the app catalog. I haven't used it yet though, so I am not sure if it works, but it says live up to date stock quotes, graphs etc. and the ability to add multiple stocks/profiles.
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    Yeah, I have used the stock program available, however I believe this just generates information, he is looking for something (I think) that allows the actual trading of stocks if I understand correctly. Also, we tried logging in through the Pre browser, but he said it wouldn't load. I guess he will just have to wait till an app becomes available, they said they would look into if the phone became popular.

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